🐈 Are you thinking of adopting a cat? In this AnimalWised #shorts video, we explain why you should adopt a mixed-breed cat. Learn about the advantages of sharing your life with a mixed breed cat, especially as it encourages others to help out cats in need!

Five reasons to adopt a mixed breed cat They are affectionate they often Anxiously await the return of their Human companions to receive them with Happy purrs and displays of affection They are in good health a larger gene Pool means mixed breed cats don't have As many inherited disorders as many pure Breeds they are unique and unrepeatable They are animals of extraordinary beauty And are not comparable to any other cat With characteristics that make them one Of a kind they are long-lived companions Due to their physical resistance and the Absence of genetic disease they are Generally long-lived and can live up to 20 years they encourage adoption of Others finally mixed breed cats are Often rejected for not being purebred Sharing your home with a mixed breed cat Will encourage the adoption of these Incredible affectionate intelligent Resistant and extremely beautiful Animals have you adopted a mixed breed Cat or thinking of doing so let us know And we'll see you next time

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