🐈 Does your cat love to knead and you don’t know why? In this AnimalWised #shorts video, we explain why cats knead. Learn about the 5 reasons why cats knead people, other animals, their bed or anything in their vicinity.

[Music] Five reasons why cats need They are happy Needing is a comforting behavior that Also suggests the cat has adequate Physical and emotional well-being They have an emotional bond when Properly socialized with people felines Enjoy human company when relaxed around An individual they like they need as a Way of showing affection to rest better Cats usually need before going to bed it Is an instinctive behavior of the Species that pregnant cats generally Carry out when preparing the nest for Their kittens To stretch it is no secret cats love to Stretch each and every one of the Muscles in their body needing allows Them the opportunity to stretch after a Pleasant time of rest also a sign of Satisfaction To Mark with pheromones these animals Secrete chemical compounds through Certain glands to communicate with other Individuals of their species including From their paws

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