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πŸ• Do you have reason to believe your dog hates you? Dogs don’t really feel hate, certainly not in the same way as humans. They can display certain signals or reactions that can make us think they hate us. In reality, there is always a reason behind these reactions, which is why in this AnimalWised video we explain 5 signs that can make you believe that your dog hates you and what you can do to solve it.


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[Music] Dogs don’t feel hit certainly not in the Same way as humans they can display Certain signals or reactions which can Give the impression they hate us in Reality there is always a reason behind These behaviors This is why animal wise explains five Signs that make it seem your dog hates You and what to do about them [Music] They reject you and don’t let you touch Them between the ages of three weeks and Three months a puppy must learn to Relate to the stimuli in their Environment in a healthy way if the Puppy is separated too early from their Mother is kept isolated during this Period of socialization or has too many Negative experiences while young they Will most likely develop insecurity If you adopt a dog and notice they Appear to reject you they don’t allow You to handle them they stay away from You or become it’s all threatening this May be one of the possible causes it’s Not because they hate you they are Insecure and afraid the best thing to do Is to speak to a dog trainer or canine Ethologist Get some background with our first info Video on five tips to gain your dog’s Trust Hides from you or treats you differently

If a dog sustains physical or Psychological abuse from a human they Can develop a pathological fear of People who share characteristics of the Individual who treated them badly or Even people in general Again this is not behaviour signifying They hate you in this context their Actions appear completely rational it’s Best we work with a professional who Will help establish a course of action Ignores you or attacks you one of the Most frequent causes of a bad Relationship between a dog and their Guardian is education In every home there must be clear and Consistent rules and boundaries Established in a respectful manner A very basic example is the following if A family decides the dog is not allowed To get on the sofa all the members must Agree and act in the same way Everyone should teach the dog to reject The sofa by offering other alternatives And reinforcing positive behaviors if Some allow the dog on the sofa even Rewarding them with affection if they do So but others scold them for doing the Same thing it’s understandable the dog Will be confused it can cause anxiety And even lead to behavioral problems Similarly the use of physical punishment Such as choke spike or electric collars And the use of intimidation as an

Educational method seriously affect the Welfare of the dog they all lead to fear Growls at you or bears teeth Dogs very quickly learn the meaning of Our gestures words and expressions since They observe us with close attention Every day however it usually requires a Little more from us to understand what They want to convey often due to Ignorance we make errors of Interpretation It’s important to know camming signals Such as yawning smacking and turning Their face away as well as threat Signals such as growling bearing teeth And marking which indicate our dog feels Uncomfortable or needs space If we respect these signals and avoid Forcibly exposing our dog to situations That are unpleasant for them their trust In us will increase because they will Feel understood Discover more about canine language in The info video we share here They are nervous if we want to establish A true bond with our dog it’s essential We spend quality time with them and Provide enough physical and mental Stimulation a dog that doesn’t receive Adequate stimulation can develop Negative behaviors due to stress and Anxiety It’s essential we spend time together Doing pleasant activities and living

Positive experiences this includes Walking training sessions games and of Course moments of relaxation and petting Providing this type of care allows the Dog to establish a safe and healthy Attachment to us and become more Affectionate Having said all this if you notice they Bark at you bear their teeth hide from You or don’t let you pet them it’s not That your dog hates you it means Something is wrong and this is their way Of transmitting it you must find the Underlying cause of their behavior and Treat it to improve your bond If you want to continue learning about Caring for dogs don’t miss the playlist We share here let us know more about the Relationship you have with your dog and We’ll see you next time [Music]

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