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๐Ÿ€ Are you wondering if your rat loves you? Are you not sure of their affection towards you? Do you want to make sure you are their favorite person? In this new AnimalWised video, we show you 5 signs your rat loves you. Discover the ways in which your rat tells you ”I love you”, because deciphering their signs of affection and love is not always easy!


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[Music] Domestic rats are wonderful pets Although small they are affectionate Playful and very intelligent so it’s not Surprising they are increasingly found In homes around the world in this Animal-wise video we tell you about some Of the signs that indicate your rat Loves you [Music] A good quality of life In order for your rat to love you and Establish a healthy attachment Relationship with you it’s essential you Dedicate time and effort to correctly Cover all their physical and Psychological needs the rat is a very Sociable animal so it’s advisable to Have at least two rats together Rats also need to eat a high quality Well-balanced omnivorous diet and have Fresh water readily available likewise You should house them in a spacious Clean cage with access to several dens Or places to shelter every day you will Have to allow them to leave the cage to Explore outside and lastly you will need To provide them with daily mental Stimulation in the form of interactive Toys or training Seek to interact with you and are Proactive If your rat is interested in maintaining Physical contact with you follows you

Around the home looks for your attention By standing on two legs or invites you To play with them it’s a good sign it Means they like to spend time with you Rats are very attentive quick learners And respond well to positive Reinforcement training so training with Your rat and teaching them new tricks And skills can be a great activity to Keep them stimulated and strengthen your Bond see more about domestic rodents With our first info video on hamster Facts Signs of joy when they are next to you These small animals emit many physical And auditory signals to express Themselves through this non-verbal Language they tell us if they are scared Playful angry or happy they let us know When something bothers them when they Are not feeling well or when they feel Safe and confident among many other Emotions if your rats show signs of joy In your presence it’s a good indication They appreciate you and want to be with You this can be seen if they run towards You when they see you they gently grind Their teeth and open their eyes wide They invite you to play by running Jumping or giving you small nibbles or When they move their till gently and Keep their ears facing forward They relax by your side Rats are cautious animals by nature due

To their size and lifestyle they are Frequent prey for other animals it is Normal for them to also be somewhat Distrustful and vulnerable in the Presence of humans Their instinct means on many occasions They remain alert when we are around Them carefully observing all our Movements however if your rat lies down To rest or even sleeps on you quietly Eats food next to you or is able to Focus on other activities when with you It means you do not pose a threat and They allow themselves to be vulnerable They have complete confidence in you and No you won’t hurt them Allow you to handle them and are Comfortable in your hands as with any Other animal you will need to gradually Accustom them to handling if you want to Hold them in your hands creating Positive environments and experiences When handling your rat and dissociating Petting with positive stimuli will make Your rodent feel comfortable with this Type of interaction with patients you Can teach them to stay on your shoulder Or jump into your hands of course you Must respect their limits and always Handle them gently they are a very small Animal and we can inadvertently harm Them Discover more curiosities about pets in The playlist we share here

Tell us how your rat shows love to you By leaving us a comment and we’ll see You next time [Music]

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