🐕 Have you just adopted a dog and want them to trust you? In this AnimalWised video, we give you 5 tips to gain a dog’s trust. Find out how to make a dog trust you so you can be best friends together!


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[Music] If you’ve just adopted a dog and want to Gain their trust you’re in the right Place in this animal-wised video we give You five tips on how to get a dog to Trust you [Music] Keep cam and encourage them To convince a dog you provide no threat We need to ensure they don’t see us as An enemy you should show no fear Yourself and ensure you’re calm and Patient Play games with them which do not Generate too much excitement Need to provide encouragement and never Force interaction If you’re at home or another controlled Environment you need to give them Sufficient freedom and not restrict them By the collar this way they will Eventually learn they can move away from You if they need if you want a dog to Trust you don’t hug them Hugs represent binding and the dog can Feel trapped as if you’re trying to Restrict movement rather than impart Affection find out more about why dogs Don’t like hugs in the first info video Above Use positive reinforcement The three vital functions that define Living beings are relationship nutrition And reproduction for gaining trust food

Can be a useful tool we can leave treats On the ground for them and wait for the Dog to come for them each time you must Leave it closer until they take the food Directly from your hand this does not Have to be forced it must be done little By little to be rewarded for your effort In doing so the animal will associate You with a very positive stimulus Take advantage of their innate curiosity Dogs are very curious animals they love To explore and discover new things it’s Easy to recognize this quality in our Pets when we have a new toy for them or Someone new enters the home they are Usually the first to be aware something We can also use to gain their trust Try to get the dog’s attention with a Ball if a dog is shy or has had a Traumatic experience they will not want To play with it initially however the Ball will stimulate their hunting and Chasing instincts If you play with a ball close to them They will find it difficult to resist Coming near and playing To facilitate their participation it’s Best to go down to the dog’s height in This way you can be less intimidating And more inviting [Music] Taking regular walks and routines Natural biorhythms affect all living Beings and maintaining a stable routine

With males and walks at the same time Favors their regulation in the dog the Simple habit will make your distrustful Or fearful dog internalize some habits For them to become more comfortable You will encourage them to participate In something which provides them with Various benefits by maintaining the Routine your dog will also be able to Anticipate and feel in control of their Lives Going out when it’s good for them and Eating when they are hungry will reduce Their anxiety because you have an Essential part of their life organized The next info video reveals how often You should walk your dog and other Considerations [Music] Play with them often playing is one of The things that most unites and Reinforces dog human relationships all Dogs are individuals and each guardian Develops their own playing style with Their dog Learning new tricks keeps your dog’s Brain active and provides them with Confidence If you want to continue learning about Caring for dogs don’t miss the playlist We share here let us know how you earned A dog’s trust by leaving a comment below And we’ll see you next time [Music]


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