5 Ways to RELAX a NERVOUS DOG πŸΆβœ…

πŸ• Some dogs tend to be more nervous and restless than others. In this AnimalWised video, we explain 5 ways to relax a very nervous dog. Find out how to calm a restless dog and make them feel relaxed in any situation.


How to CALM My DOG βœ… 5 Easy TIPS to Relieve Anxiety πŸ‘‰

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[Music] All dogs have their own character and Personality some are bold others shine Some are comfortable in all situations Others become nervous easily nervousness And stress can lead to behavioral Problems and even affect their physical Health this is why animal wise provides Five ways to relax a nervous dog in our New video [Music] Offer long quality walks A dog often feels nervous because they Have excess energy to burn one practical Way to help them relax is to release This energy through long walks of good Quality These should always be adapted to their Ability and condition Smelly nature and enjoying their Surroundings can be very relaxing Throughout their walk you will need to Reassure the dog while still allowing Them to be active avoid over-excitement Or creating any anxiety such as playing Loud music in the car or being rough If the dog responds well you can play Some games but only if it does not cause Anxiety The best is to opt for obedience Exercises agility training or taking Them for a jog you’ll need to allow Opportunity for them to relieve Themselves and they will also need

Appropriate socialization where possible Watch your attitude Your own emotional state will be Reflected in the dog so you must remain Calm breathe easily and only use a soft Voice whenever possible you will need to Avoid punishment especially when they Are in a state of excitement instead you Should reward cam attitudes both at home And outside you can use treats but Petting and encouraging words can also Be effective with nervous dogs We share some of the breeds most prone To nervousness in our first info video Above Avoid very active games at home when You’re at home it’s better to play quiet Games so the dog understands that home Is a relaxed space Activities that involve jumping and Running will be safe for when we are in The park the kong is an excellent tool To treat canine anxiety when inside the Home it’s a food vending toy which makes It difficult for the dog to eat food Quickly it will help entertain them for Prolonged periods and is excellent for Fighting separation anxiety and relaxing A very nervous dog Pet them when the dog is behaving well Use the opportunity to instigate a Petting session start slowly at the head And work your way down the rest of their Body

Physical contact is essential for the Dog as they are a sociable and Affectionate animal as well as relaxing Them petting enhances your emotional Bond so don’t hesitate and spend a Little more time with your dog friend See five more tips for a camera dog in The next info video above Contact a professional if you’ve tried All these tricks and still can’t get Your dog to relax it’s time to contact a Professional it’s important to note that There are several people we can go to in These situations the first should be a Veterinarian they will be able to offer Advice from a medical point of view and Diagnose any health problem which may be Related to their anxiety we can also Contact a canine educator or dog trainer Their main function is to achieve a Harmonious home life with a dog and Their human family they usually focus on Obedience if a dog doesn’t follow Instructions when nervous using a Professional is particularly helpful Finally we have an athologist these are Qualified veterinarians who are trained In athology the bench of zoology which Studies human behavior these are the Ones you will want to contact when the Dog has a serious case of anxiety or When immediate intervention is required [Music] If you want to continue learning about

Other behaviour problems in dogs don’t Miss the playlist we share here Let us know if you’ve had problems with A nervous dog by sharing your experience In the comments and we’ll see you next Time [Music] You

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