🐈 Scents and smells are very important in your cat’s environment. AnimalWised provides 5 WAYS to STIMULATE Your CAT’S SENSE OF SMELL with our scent enrichment for cats ideas. Every cat will have their own preference, but these delightful aromas can help your cat feel calm, relaxed and secure in their home.


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Although we may associate a good nose More with dogs a cat sense of smell is Very acute and they can similarly Benefit from scent enrichment animal Wise provides five ways to stimulate a Cat's sense of smell [Music] Use stimulating herbs Catnip can positively stimulate our cat In addition to sniffing we may observe Them possibly shaking their head Salivating jumping or rolling on the Ground we can impregnate toys or objects With a little of this herb to stimulate Their olfactory senses as well as enrich The environment making them more Entertained and less stressed most cats Will react to this stimulus and it lasts Between 5 and 15 minutes some cats May Benefit more from other aromatic herbs Such as oregano or Valerian a lie External odors to enter their space Although many domestic cats don't have Access to the outside it's also Important they can smell fresh air the Smells will change according to the Weather and they provide information About their immediate environment you Can open the window a little to let air In but be careful that your cat can't Escape or fall bring logs leaves or Sticks from outside In addition to providing diverse and Natural scents these materials can be

Played with or scratched stimulating Your cat's other senses be careful not To bring items such as very sharp sticks With which they can hurt themselves have Safe house plants for cats Some house plants don't have any Toxicity for cats and provide olfactory Stimulation due to their delightful Odors some examples are mint parsley Thyme and rosemary Discover 20 suitable and safe plants for Cats in the video we share in the card Above use essential oils Should be well informed about the safety Of the essential oil in question but There are some which your cat can inhale In small doses which have a calming and Tranquil effect some incense can also be Used If you want to continue learning about Cat care don't miss the playlist We Share here Share in the comments what smell Enriches your cat the most and we'll see You next time [Music]

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