๐Ÿ• Socialization is a vital part of a dog’s care, but it is not always easy. Introducing two dogs for the first time can be incredibly difficult with so many things which can go wrong. In this AnimalWised video, we give you the best chance of making it go right by avoiding the 6 most common mistakes when introducing two dogs together.


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Depending on your dog’s character and Personality socialization can be tricky Business for a guardian first Impressions count so we need to know What to avoid when introducing two dogs For the first time to do so animalwise Explains six common mistakes when Introducing two dogs [Music] Being nervous if your dog has shown Reactive behaviors in the past such as Problems when relating to other dogs or Fighting it’s normal to be afraid it Will happen again this insecurity on Your part can be represented by your Body language and behavior when other Dogs approach yours although Understandable behavior it’s Counterproductive holding the leash too Tightly changing the tone of your voice Or generally acting nervous can put them On high alert and lead to a more intense Reaction Holding the leash too close when Guardians don’t feel safe or are worried About their dog’s behavior they often Hold the leash too tightly and too close This means the dog is often pulled away From the other such tension on the leash Can be a trigger for a fight between the Two dogs this is because it doesn’t Afford them the freedom to interact how They wish and they can sense danger from The situation this sense of danger is

Heightened when the dog is wearing a Choke collar or some other uncomfortable Restraint which makes them feel bound And repressed Releasing the dog without obedience Training when you walk your dog without A leash it’s important you take them to An area where there are no other dogs Around in case some do appear you may Need to employ obedience training Commands such as calling them to come to You although your dog may be friendly And sociable you can’t be sure of other Dogs guardians and situations especially If other dogs are in the process of Being trained calling them to return is Important for their safety For related obedience training our first Info video shows you how to teach a dog To sit Being over reliant on the dog park when It comes to interactions with other dogs Quality is more important than quantity Taking your dog to specialized dog parks Every day can be counterproductive it’s A limited space where a large number of Dogs of all ages sizes and temperaments Can come together dogs will often tend To cry the entrance of dog parks when They think someone is going to enter With a new dog for this reason there’s Often a lot of tension in the air Between the dogs this tension can easily Be broken by a dog taking their play too

Far or even starting a fight with other Dogs Over protecting the dog Something that happens very often Especially with small dogs is that the Guardians fear other dogs could harm Them the guardians may pick up their Little canine or roughly separate them From other animals to avoid interaction By doing this the dog may mistakenly Learn that other dogs are a threat and May develop subsequent behavioral Problems derive from fear and insecurity Introducing the dog too quickly Likely due to a lack of information Puppies can be introduced to others too Quickly this happens with no real Training or assessment beforehand when We adopt a new dog into a home with Other dogs it’s essential to make an Initial introduction in neutral Territory in order to avoid a dispute Discover how to make this introduction In the next info video we share This is especially important when the New member is a puppy in addition to Affecting the relationship with their New housemate it influences their Socialization If you want to continue learning about Canine education don’t miss the playlist We share here Share a comment with any mistakes you’d Like to add and we’ll see you next time


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