6 Most Common WARNING SIGNS Your Dog is SICK 🐶

While sickness in a dog can manifest itself in various ways, there are some common signs which show a dog is unwell. At AnimalWised we provide the 6 most common warning signs that your dog is sick so you can know when you need to take them to a veterinarian for a diagnosis.

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If you suspect your dog is ill we need To look at the dog’s physical state and If there are any behavioral changes and More wise provides you with these basic Signs to look out for if you think your Dog is sick it should be easy to notice If your dog is defecating more than Usual since you should be taking them Out for walks Constipation should be evident if they Don’t go you should also be able to see The consistency of their stool with Diarrhea being important since it Implies dehydration a sick dog may also Experience symptoms related to drinking Water in general the normal amount of Water a dog drinks a day is 100 Milliliters for each pound of the Animals with do you notice excessive Thirst or a lack thereof it is essential To seek veterinary health behavioral Changes are also symptoms of a sick dog If they stop doing things they did Before like waiting at the door asking For a walk wanting to play or getting on The sofa for example know that these can Also be signs the dog is not well if the Dog falls a balanced diet and eats the Same amount both putting on or losing Weight are warning signs of a health Problem the coat of a dog is an Important indicator of overall health a Sick dog may have noticeable signs of a Per coat in terms of lacking color

Shedding excessively or lacking in Vibrancy if you note these changes take Them to a vet for diagnosis the body Temperature of dogs can vary between Thirty-eight point five to thirty nine Point four degrees Celsius much higher Than that of humans puppies tend to have A higher body temperature than adults The only way to know for dog has a fever Is it take a temperature usually with a Rectal thermometer thank you for Watching like if you found the video Useful subscribe for more to come and We’ll see you next time [Music]

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