6 REASONS Why YOUR CAT FOLLOWS You Around the House 🚢🏻🐈

🐱 Have you ever wondered why your cat follows you everywhere? In this AnimalWised #shorts video, we explain 6 reasons why your cat follows you around the house. Find out why your cat accompanies you to every corner of the home and whether there is any cause for concern.

[Music] Six reasons why your cat follows you Around the house You are their security they know you Will protect them and cover all of their Needs They are entertained by you when they Are bored they may find it entertaining To follow you around They are patrolling their territory in The wild cats roam their territory to Spread their scent and scare off Potential Intruders for this reason they Think you are monitoring the territory And decide to accompany you They need your help If they follow you and meow examine them To see if they are okay check their food And water and see if the litter box is Clean They are playing tag play time is very Important to cats especially if it Involves chasing and catching prey They love being with you they really Enjoy spending time with you because you Fill them with love affection and Attention

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