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🐈 Where you live is a vital factor in adopting a cat. This is why AnimalWised shares the 7 best cat breeds for apartments. These apartment cat breeds have the mental and physical characteristics which make them best suited to apartment living as they can be indoor cats without becoming stressed.


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While it will depend on the individual Not all cats thrive in small spaces Animal wise shares the seven best cat Breeds for apartments to find out which Are more likely to suit apartment living Persian One of the breeds that adapt most easily To an indoor lifestyle is the persian They are generally affectionate and Affable although this breed often needs A little more attention than others If you spend too much time out of the House they may not be the cat for you Their long hair and sometimes sunken Eyes mean they require specific Maintenance and care Discover different types of persians in The first info video we share above Russian blue This is probably the ideal cat for a Single person as they are both very Affectionate and very independent they Will be the most loyal to you when you Are at home but will happily amuse Themselves when you’re away they are Noted for a beautiful silver grey coat And they usually have emerald eyes They like to play but have medium energy Levels making them one of the best Apartment cat breeds Ragdoll this is one of the quietest Breeds of cats for apartments in fact The ragdoll cat could be classified as a Lap cat due to their affable and cam

Character They are also almost completely adapted To indoors so they are recommended for Apartments If you want to know more about the Ragdoll cat don’t miss the next info Video javanese This is a very suitable breed for First-time cat owners or for older People they are undoubtedly one of the Best cats to have in an apartment as They are able to cope well with time Spent alone but this doesn’t mean they Won’t need play and affection when You’re around british shorthair this Breed is very similar in appearance and Character to the russian blue and is Also very suitable as an indoor cat they Adapt well to the environments and Schedules of their guardians with whom They are very calm and affectionate Siamese probably one of the most Striking features of these apartment Cats are their coat colours which are Organized into a characteristic colour Point pattern It is not their appearance which makes Them such good apartment cat breeds they Are very sociable and playful with an Easy character they are more likely to Enjoy cuddling and lazing around with You than wandering in open spaces Cornish wrecks Although their parents may be striking

This apartment cat is characterized by Being very sweet and affectionate their Wavy coat might be the reason they were Bred but their tolerance for small Spaces make them good for apartments However they don’t tolerate loneliness And need plenty of interaction when we Are at home Other recommendations for apartment cats To find the best cats for apartment Living their breed is only one factor More important is whether they can spend Eight hours or more each day alone while You’re away they should also not be too Territorial as a somewhat confined space Can be difficult to share if they are so Not being too active will also be a plus Cats that are too active can feel Confined Should also ensure you’re able to change Some aspects of your life to adjust to Their needs if necessary as always we at Animalwise encourage you to go to your Nearest animal shelter to adopt a cat Not only will you be able to meet the Cat and discover their character in Person shelter cats are often well Suited to apartments Adopting two cats to keep one another Company can be ideal for apartment cats As long as they are compatible with each Other If you want to know more about cat Breeds don’t miss the playlist we share

Here If you’re thinking of adopting a cat Into your apartment let us know which Breed you think is best for you We’ll see you next time You

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