7 FACTS About WHITE CATS 🐱🀍 Some May Surprise You!

🐈 The majesty of white cats lies not only in their color, but in the characteristics and traits we reveal with these 7 FACTS about WHITE CATS. AnimalWised helps you get to know what makes white cats so special by explaining why white cats are so different.


Why Some CATS Have DIFFERENT EYE COLORS πŸ±πŸ‘€ (Heterochromia in Cats) πŸ‘‰

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White cats are undoubtedly beautiful but There are some surprising facts about Them which make them quite unique animal Wise explains what they are [Music] They have a recessive gene that inhibits Pigment production It is for this reason their fur is white The shade of white is not uniform but Can range from Pure white to a slightly Yellow tone some may also have patches Of color in their fur making them buy or Even tri-color some cats have patterns Which are incredibly variable such as Those with a marbled coat pattern They can have different eye colors some May have uniform eye color but Heterochromia is more common in white Cats this is when the eyes are of two Different colors white cats with blue Eyes are prone to deafness due to a Genetic mutation on the card above we Share a video which explains more about Why some cats have different colored Eyes it's believed they bring good luck Although the Superstition surrounding Cats can vary according to region many Cultures Revere white cats as a sign of Good luck you may be familiar with the Japanese symbol known as a maneki Neko a White cat depicted holding up one arm Symbolizing wealth and good fortune They are more sensitive to the sun one Of the things to keep in mind when

Caring for a white cat is that they may Be more prone to sunburn on their ears And nose due to a lack of pigment in Their fur it's important to ensure the Feline has access to shade and to apply Cat sunscreen to exposed areas cats of This color may also be prone to skin Problems it's important to take them for Regular Veterinary checkups and take Extra precautions to maintain their Health if you enjoy our videos consider Providing a super thanks to help us grow The channel They have been considered sacred in Ancient Egypt and other ancient cultures White cats were considered to be sacred Animals accordingly they were treated With great respect and reverence in Chinese culture white cats were Considered a symbol of peace and Harmony Reflected in art literature and other Aspects of culture white cats have been Revered for their beauty and mystery They have a unique personality white Cats have been shown to have a distinct Personality when compared to cats of Other colors according to a study by the University of California white cats tend To be more shy and withdrawn than cats Of other colors they are often more Prone to anxiety and stress so it's Important to provide them with a calm And safe environment in which they can Feel comfortable

Some may also be more sensitive to loud Noises and changes in the environment so It's important to keep these factors in Mind when caring for them there are some Surprising facts about another common Coke color in cats with our next info Video on orange cats they are more at Risk of certain diseases although white Cats are beautiful and Majestic they've Been shown to be at higher risk of Certain diseases than cats of other Colors for example they're at higher Risk of developing skin cancer due to Their lack of pigmentation it's Important to keep them protected from The Sun and avoid exposing them during The greatest hours of solar radiation as Stated earlier they may also be prone to Congenital deafness especially if they Have blue eyes It's important to perform hearing tests To detect any problems early and treat Them accordingly in general it's Important to take them for regular Veterinary checkups and take extra Precautions to keep their health in top Condition If you want to continue learning about Cat breeds don't miss the playlist We Share here If you have a white cat leave us a Comment with your thoughts on why They're so special we'll see you next Time

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