🍊🐈 There are fruits and vegetables we should not give our cat under any circumstances as they can seriously affect their health. In this AnimalWised video, we bring you a complete list of prohibited fruits and vegetables for cats. Pay attention and take note of these forbidden foods for your cat, so you will make sure you do not put their health at risk.


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Cats are obligate carnivores this means Their nutrition needs to be based on Animal protein from meat or fish Otherwise their health will be Negatively affected they can eat some Fruit and vegetables in small quantities To supplement the nutrition but not all Will be good for them in fact the Forbidden fruit and veg in this Animal-wise video could do them [Music] Harm avocados the high fat content makes Them a forbidden fruit for cats the Result of its ingestion can result in Pancreatitis in addition if a cat Swallows the stone or skin they could Suffer an intestinal obstruction its Consumption is also associated with the Appearance of digestive problems Avocados contain a toxin called person Although it does rarely affect cats Grapes raisins and currants grapes Raisins sultanas or currants are harmful To the kidneys of cats even a relatively Small amount can lead to acute kidney Failure and even death this is why we Should never give them these fruits or Add them to any recipe we offer Oranges lemons tangerines and grapefruit Citrus fruits such as oranges lemons Tangerines or grapefruit are considered Harmful fruits for cats due to their Acidity this can cause gastric Irritation fortunately they are not

Fruits which hold much appeal for most Cats Apples peaches plums pears and cherries Apple is a healthy fruit for cats but we Included in the list because its seeds Contain substances capable of generating Cyanide which could be harmful to them Specifically cyanide inhibits an enzyme That is necessary for the transport of Oxygen between cells this means we can Only offer apple to cats without any Seeds or even the leaves of this fruit Tree this same problem is also caused by The stones of other fruits such as Peaches nectarines plums pears cherries Or apricots If you want to know what fruits are Recommended for cats check out the first Info video above Onions and garlic Both onion and garlic contain a Substance called triosulfate which is Related to the appearance of hemolytic Anemia a problem related to the rupture Of red blood cells that can lead to a Fatal outcome for this our cat would Have to consume large amounts or small Doses over a long period of time but Smaller amounts of onion and garlic can Cause diarrhea and vomiting Potatoes the potato is a tuber that Contains solanine which is toxic to not Only cats but also people and dogs the Good news is it can be removed by

Cooking them this means cats can eat Cooked potato but only in small Quantities as they only provide Unhelpful carbohydrates Check out the next info video in which We explain in detail what a cat should Eat Tomatoes Although their appearance is not Reminiscent of a potato they are from The same solanaceae family for this Reason tomatoes also contain solanine When they are not yet fully ripe and This means they can be harmful to cats Care must also be taken with the plant Because if the cat has access to one They could chew and ingest its leaves or Stems which also contain solanine If you want to continue learning about Feline nutrition don’t miss the playlist We share here tell us what fruit and veg Your cats like by leaving a comment and We’ll see you next time [Music] You

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