🐱 Have you ever wondered why your cat sleeps with you? Regardless of whether your cat sleeps on your feet, on your pillow or literally on top of you, in this short from AnimalWised we reveal the 7 main reasons why your cat sleeps next to you. Find out why your cat loves sleeping with you so much!

Seven reasons why your cat sleeps with You they trust you they consider you one Of the family for this reason sleeping Next to you makes them feel safer and More relaxed for warmth cats use our Body heat to feel cozy it's more Comfortable although maybe not as Comfortable as sleeping in a soft bed to Protect you the cat feels safe next to You and in turn offers you protection Due to territoriality they maybe feel Ownership of the bed and they are Letting you sleep there It's part of their routine if they have Been sleeping beside you since they were A kitten it is now an ingrained habit They love you we'll see you next Time

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