7 SMELLS That MICE and RATS HATE πŸ€βŒ They Can’t Stand Them!

🐭 Discover in this AnimalWised video the 7 SMELLS that MICE and RATS HATE. Whether you are interested in knowing how to eliminate mice at home using remedies that are not harmful to them, or if you live with one or more mice and want to offer them as relaxed an environment as possible, today we present a list of odors that repel mice. .


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Today at animal wise we explain to you What are the seven odors that mice and Rats hate the most Urine of other animals due to their Small size most rodents are easy prey For different animals including dogs Cats wolves foxes weasels and snakes Among many others for this reason They'll try to stay away from any Territory with such a predator present One way they can know if there's such an Animal in their vicinity is the scent Trails left by their urine if you live With mice or rats as well as other Companion animals such as cats or dogs We recommend ensuring they are separated From any areas their urine may be Present and that they are cleaned with Enzymatic products this is in addition To proper socialization hot sauce hot Sauce and chili pepper in general are Among the odors that mice hit this is Because chili contains capsaicanoids Natural compounds responsible for giving The spicy effect that distinguishes These Foods in mammals such as mice These chili compounds lead to an Irritating reaction in the olfactory Glands as well as burning in the taste Buds if ingested for these reasons spicy Food is unbearable for mice mint mint Plants have Menthol and organic compound Responsible for their fresh and Invigorating Aroma while highly valued

In cosmetic and medical products it acts As a repellent for mice Menthol is Irritating to the nostrils of rats and Mice so they move away from it as soon As it is perceived Ammonia and chlorine ammonia is a Chemical compound made up of nitrogen And one of the odors that mice hate most Intensely commercial chlorine is a Chemical compound derived from this Natural substance these two compounds Are very common in homes since many Cleaning products contain them due to The irritating effects of ammonia and The danger of death that its ingestion Represents mice and rats flee from it They will also die from chlorine if they Ingest large amounts for this reason if You have mice or rats as pets and you Let them enjoy freedom in the home it's Essential to keep these products well Out of their reach as they can act as a Rodenticide if you have a rat don't miss The video we share above in which we Explain the signs that they love you Perfumes and alcohols perfumes are made With different components among which Are distillates of essential oils from Plants and alcohol as a solvent they Often contain sulfur and other inorganic Compounds perfumes are characterized by Having different Aromas that are Pleasant for humans but unbearable for Most animals including mice and rats in

These very small rodents irritation of The nasal passages is a common reaction So they prefer to stay away from these Odors Naphthalene naphthalene is among the Odors that mice cannot stand it is an Aromatic hydrocarbon that has a pungent Odor which is why it is commonly used as A moth repellent this smell is also Unbearable for rats and mice as well as Being toxic and lethal when ingested its Effects include irritation of the nasal Passages and inflammation of the lungs Similarly naphthalene can be toxic to Dogs cats and children so we suggest Moderation and strict vigilance when Using it at home Vinegar this homemade mice repellent Contains acetic acid and odor to which They are highly susceptible and Sensitive once you've located feces and Droppings of rats and mice you'll know Which areas they frequent when you do so Mix a little water with vinegar in a Glass and clean the areas with it Another way to eliminate rats with Vinegar at home is to soak cotton balls In vinegar and place them in the places They appear in this way it's possible to Keep mice and rats away from home Without cruelty and aggression If you want to continue learning about Small mammals don't miss the playlist We Share here let us know if you have any

Experience with these repellents and We'll see you next time [Music]

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