Some of a cat’s senses are much more acute than our own, something which allows them to detect various scents, vibrations and other environmental changes which can help them predict things we cannot perceive. AnimalWised explains the 7 THINGS CATS can PREDICT.

[Music] Seven Things cats can predict [Music] Tremors and earthquakes minutes and even Hours before an earthquake occurs Certain animals such as cats show Anxiety and start to flee Natural disasters many cats will notice That a volcanic eruption Cyclone tsunami Or even a hurricane is coming some Diseases both in the human body and in Other felines Diabetes and epilepsy it's possible cats Can detect the biochemical changes During seizures and hypoglycemia moods If you feel depressed your cat will Often adapt to your State of Mind in an Understanding way guests your cat will Often be aware someone is approaching The home long before the doorbell rings Death this is also believed to be due to Their Keen sense of smell [Music] Foreign

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