7 TIPS to CARE for Your DOG’S HEALTH ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿ’š

๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ• Do you want to know how to keep your dog healthy? In this AnimalWised video, in collaboration with iNetPet () we provide 7 tips to take care of your dog’s health. We adore our furry companions and want them to stay by our side as long as possible. Taking care of their health is essential to maintain quality of life. This is why we explain the keys to caring for and maintaining the health of your dog.

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[Music] We adore our animal companions and want Them to be by our side as long as Possible to best ensure this happens we Need to know their care involves much More than simply feeding and taking them For walks if we want to ensure we Maintain our dog’s quality of life check Out this animal-wise video in Collaboration with inet pet where we Review the keys to caring for and Maintaining the health of our dogs [Music] Organize their care well Before explaining dog healthcare Maintenance in more detail the first Thing we should note is the importance Of organization Canine healthcare involves multiple Factors including veterinary checkups Grooming training sessions and more All these elements can be difficult to Track so turning to new technologies Such as phone applications can help us To best organize their care calendar An application like inet pet will also Allow us to keep all the information Related to the health and care of our Dog in one place This application also allows canine Health care professionals to maintain Contact with each other For example if a dog suffers an allergic Reaction believed to be from a personal

Hygiene product our veterinarian can Contact our groomer directly and inquire About which products were used This can help them to more quickly Achieve a correct diagnosis and begin Administering suitable treatment For more information don’t miss the Video we share in the corner in which we Explain in detail how inetped works Offer a quality diet the health of the Dog begins with their diet we need to Take time comparing options carefully Reading ingredient lists and know how The food we choose is manufactured in The case of buying commercial dog food Dogs need a diet based on animal protein Derived from meat or fish this can be Complemented with a lower proportion of Cereals legumes vegetables or fruit the Food must also be adapted to the life Stage of the dog and its general health Needs The quality of the food must always be More important than the price of the Product the best food we provide our dog Is often homemade as it allows the Animal to eat fresh natural ingredients With the right proportion of water However we need to ensure the dog’s Nutritional needs are met which may Require supplements but definitely Requires veterinary advice if you choose To provide commercial feed for your dog Ensure it’s a quality one

Periodically deworm them Dogs can be affected by external and Internal parasites that can transmit Disease and develop serious health Problems to avoid them it’s essential to Carry out an adequate deworming schedule Always according to the recommendations Of a trusted veterinarian Follow the vaccination schedule Another important pillar of a dog’s Health care is vaccination Vaccines stimulate their immune system To build defenses against highly Contagious and life-threatening diseases Such as parvovirus or canine distemper These vaccines are especially important For puppies so it’s essential to start The vaccination schedule as soon as our Veterinarian determines its right to do So re-vaccination will depend on the Type of vaccine the regulations enforce In our place of residence and the Specific needs of our dog do not neglect Their hygiene It’s important to clean a dog’s eyes Ears and teeth regularly as is trimming Their nails according to their Individual needs Frequent brushing and infrequent bathing Are also important maintaining proper Hygiene will help us prevent the Development of different pathologies Such as dermatitis Frequent brushing is recommended to

Remove dead hair and prevent tangles Bathing should only be carried out when The dog is dirty Regular veterinary checkups it’s best to Take our dog to the veterinary clinic For a general checkup at least once a Year Through these reviews we can best ensure Early detection of various Life-threatening pathologies such as Cancer Although we must perform them throughout The life of the animal these reviews are Especially important in dogs older than Seven years as aging is associated with The appearance of diseases and other Health problems Don’t forget their psychological Well-being Caring for and maintaining the health of A dog also requires paying attention to The psychological well-being providing Exercise stimulation education company And above all affection is the Foundation of a happy dog as much as you Give your dog the best food take them to The groomer regularly and provide Veterinary checkups if you do not Provide sufficient attention their Happiness will be lacking Likewise if your dog develops certain Behavioral problems it’s very important To seek assistance from a canine health Professional

Let us know what you do to ensure your Dog’s health by leaving a comment and We’ll see you next time [Music]

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