7 TREATS for CATS 😻🌿 How to Reward Your Feline

🎁🐈 Do you want to know what are the best treats to reward your cat? In this AnimalWised video we talk about 7 treats that you can offer your feline when they behave well or learn to do new tricks.


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There are times when we want to give our Cat a treat Whether as a reward for something they Have done or simply because we want to Spread some love But the best way to show love doesn’t Mean food treats alone Something we explain today but animal Wise [Music] Edible cat treats we start with the most Popular treats for cats Something they can eat these are usually Small in size but hard in consistency Although some might have a softer Interior the exterior is usually crunchy There are many different varieties of Edible treats for cats with a broad Spectrum of flavor They are usually small and easily Digestible serving as both a reward for Training And is simply a treat to show affection These cat treats can also be stored for A long time in good condition So we can avoid over indulging them Homemade food can be a great way to Reward our cat So check out this diy recipe to know More Snack bars for cats another of the best Edible prizes for cats are snack bars These are usually marketed in small or Easily portioned sections

They are also tasty to eat and preserve Well their consistency is variable Some being harder or softer than others Like other treats there are different Flavors and varieties to suit all types Of cat In addition they are also used for Special occasions or education sessions Pastes for cats unlike treats and snack Bars Cat pastes are edible treats with a Softer consistency These include pastes soups and even Sauces Malt paste stands out as one of the most Common these are usually offered to the Cat as a form of preventive medicine This is because it promotes proper Movement of the digestive tract However they are also very tasty for Them and are a great way to act as a Treat It can be found in different varieties And flavors we give it to the cat by Putting a small amount on our finger Or even putting a little on their front Leg so they can lick it off themselves Similarly soups are offered in different Flavors and styles They can be given to them in small Amounts or put into their feeding dish Special sauces for cats can also be Given something cats enjoy due to their Smooth consistency

They are usually added to dry food to Make them more palatable so they can be Used as a treat or to spice up a meal Cat specific treats not all cats will Enjoy treats in the same way There are different factors we need to Consider age being one of the most Important There are treats specially designed for Kittens others are for older cats There are even treats for cats with Health problems these include Utis gastrointestinal problems per coat Condition Obesity stress or dental problems Keep in mind these treats are not Medicine they will not cure these Problems In these cases we will need to follow Veterinary instruction closely Catnip not all rewards for cats need to Be edible Catnip being one which cats love to Smell we can grow it at home by Purchasing seeds and planting them But many toys and even scratching posts Employ catnip to make our cat feel Special Discover the benefits of catnip in the Video that we share with you here Games playing with your cat is an Excellent reward These don’t have to be with catnip toys But with anything they find engaging

We can purchase professional toys but Many cats would be just as happy with a Rolled up piece of paper or some string The important thing is to keep them Physically and mentally stimulated Massages for pampering cats a few Minutes of soothing massage can be a Great reward This will also strengthen our bond with Them especially if we choose a time when The cat is receptive Stroke only in the places they enjoy and Stop as soon as they show signs of Restlessness Find out more about general cat care in The playlist that we share here Tell us which treat is your cat’s Favorite let us know in the comments and We’ll see you next time

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