๐Ÿ• Have you just adopted a puppy and want to educate them correctly? In this AnimalWised video we explain what are the 8 most common mistakes when educating a puppy so that you do not commit them and provide him with a correct education. Check out this video to know everything you need to know about educating puppies.


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Adopting a dog into our home is the Beginning of a beautiful life together But it’s also the beginning of a serious Responsibility of care Educating and training puppies is vital To their well-being and avoiding Behavioral problems see what to avoid in This animal-wise video [Music] Wean them prematurely Premature weaning is a very serious Mistake at about a month and a half of Life mother dogs will start to naturally Wean their young this is a progressive Process which occurs around two months Of age Weaning and removing the puppy from Their mother prematurely not only Negatively impacts their immune system But also their socialization and future Behaviors [Music] Disturb their sleep A common mistake when carrying for Puppies is waking them up when they need To sleep often simply because we want to Play or interact with them Puppies are in their most vital Developmental stage so they need all the Energy they can get Until three months of age puppies can Sleep 18 to 20 hours per day respecting Their sleep schedule is important for Their care and education

Humanize them A human baby has certain needs taken Care of by their mother but puppies Don’t have the same needs something many People either don’t understand or ignore For example puppies need a lot of care But they don’t need to be cradled in our Arms it can make them uncomfortable and Breed insecurity due to losing contact With the ground Another mistake some guardians make is Letting puppies sleeping in our bed if You don’t want your dog to sleep in your Bed as an adult you shouldn’t let them Do it as a puppy In the info section you can find a video On whether it’s a good idea to share Your bed with a dog [Music] Give them our food while we eat Almost every dog guardian has made this Mistake at some point feeding a dog when The family eats means the dog will Expect to be fed every time thereafter Your puppy should have a feeding Schedule which is respected by all Punish and scold them If you want to properly educate your dog Avoiding scolding is a basic principle Instead of scolding a mistake we need to Reward a success this is a practice Known as positive reinforcement and your Puppy’s entire education should be based On this system

If not your puppy can become fearful and Develop various behavioral problems Harming their well-being and the bond You share Improper socialization Socialization is the process by which The puppy has contact with humans other Dogs and other animals this is essential To have an animal with a balanced Character that knows how to interact With others not spending time and Socialization will bring many problems But it is also dangerous to socialize The puppy poorly if we want to expose Our dog to new stimuli we must do Progressively and carefully discover a Complete guide on how to train a puppy In the video that we share with the info Button [Music] Not teaching boundaries Since puppies are not human they don’t Understand human language in the same Way you will need to be patient with Them teaching them where to urinate what Not to chew on and more if we don’t set Boundaries from the beginning it’s very Likely the dog will not know how to Behave in various circumstances Neglect training Finally we must remember that it’s Essential we start puppy training Between four and six months of age the Time when they best learn effectively

Teaching basic dog commands will be Critical to their safety if we don’t Teach commands we will not only have Communication problems but it puts their Safety in jeopardy if you want to Continue learning about puppy care don’t Miss the playlist we share here let us Know any of your puppy training tips in The comments and we’ll see you next time [Music]

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