🐕 Does your dog do weird things like kick their paw when you scratch their belly or hide their food? in this AnimalWised article, we show you 8 strange behaviors of dogs, as well as explain the reasons why dogs may perform these actions.


My DOG Moves Their LEG When SCRATCHED 🐶 Are They Ticklish? 👉
Why Do DOGS HIDE Their FOOD? 🦴🐕 (Reasons & What to Do 💡) 👉

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Part of the charm of sharing our lives With a dog is seeing the weird things They do seemingly with no explanation at Animal wise we share eight strange Behaviors of dogs as well as what Possible reasons there may be behind Them [Music] Moving their paw when you scratch their Belly Despite what too many people think a dog Moving their paw when scratched isn’t a Sign of encouragement in fact it can Often be quite annoying since this is an Involuntary reaction caused when their Nerves are stimulated this can occur When a parasite crawls on them where Something scrapes under them it is known As the scratching reflex and it consists Of the dog’s leg kicking to try to get Rid of whatever is causing their Discomfort Find out more about the scratching Reflex in the video that we share with The info button Walking in circles before lying down Wild dogs which need a place to sleep Will try to do so on vegetation such as A patch of grass To ensure security and make the area More comfortable they would circle Before lying down This action flattens the foliage and Helps to mark the area as their

Territory if your dog does the same it’s Simply an ingrained behavior from their Wild ancestry Moving food to eat somewhere else this Behavior is believed to be related to Wolf behaviors when wolves hunt prey the Weakest in the pack would often take Some meat away to eat elsewhere this is To protect it from the alpha male and Other wolves who may want to take it Away Although your dog isn’t in a wolf pack They may still do this in an unconscious Way to ensure food security Chasing their tail many of us might be Aware dogs chased their tail out of Boredom or due to some form of obsessive Compulsion however it has been recently Discovered that this behavior may also Have a genetic origin be related to Nutrition and may even stem from Adolescence Studies have suggested that this Behavior appears in different Generations of the same breed suggesting A genetic influence others suggest it Could be related to a lack of vitamins B6 and c in their diet Lastly others propose it is a reaction From being separated from their mothers Too early these dogs are also shown to Be more fearful and reserved around People [Music]

Kicking the ground after eliminating Waste dogs kick the ground to bury their Waist but they also do it to mark their Territory dogs have scent glands on Their paws after they evacuate their Bottles kicking the ground releases Pheromones from these glands which are Then spread around the area to notify Any other dogs which pass by Eating grass Some dogs do this to purge themselves And relieve their digestive system the Reason why we often see them vomit after Eating it others may do it if they have Some type of nutritional deficiency Lastly some dogs eat grass seemingly for Pleasure perhaps because they like the Taste of them [Music] Burying objects as we have previously Discussed dogs have certain behaviors Which stem from their wild ancestry and Burying objects is one such behavior Wild dogs hide food underground so they Can eat it later when they have less Available prey if your dog buries food It is from a similar impetus to save it For later here above we share a video in Which we explain more about food hiding Behavior Smelling the urine of other dogs More than once you may have seen your Dog smells the pee of other dogs your Dog smells the urine of other dogs

Because it provides a lot of information Your dog can know the sex of the dog That is urinated their reproductive Status or even if they are stressed Discover other curiosities about dogs in The playlist that we share here Let us know any strange things your dog Does by leaving a comment and we’ll see You next time [Music]

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