๐Ÿ• A dog’s sense are generally much more acute than our own, especially their smell and hearing. For this reason, they are often able to detect or predict things before we are even aware. At AnimalWised, we look at 8 things a dog can sense but we can’t. You may be surprised to discover how much your dog can predict just by trusting their canine senses.


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There are certain things dogs can see And feel that we can't animal wise Explains what they are [Music] Climactic changes Thunder can surprise Us at the best of times but it can be Quite shocking to see our dog acting Strangely before we hear the clap we Only have nine muscles in our ears but Dogs have 17 and can capture 35 000 Vibrations per second when Thunder is Forming it also ionizes the air Producing a metallic smell which your Dog can perceive meaning they can Predict storms before they start Earthquakes when an earthquake is about To occur there are various signals that Provide warning these include electrical Charges subsoil gases low intensity Sound waves changes in terrestrial Magnetism and steam clouds produced by Rocks humans are only capable of Perceiving the visual signs of an Earthquake but the 220 million olfactory Cells of dogs they're here in Acuity and Their sensitivity in their paws means They can sense smells and vibrations Before we do Pregnancy and childbirth dogs are able To sense hormonal changes when a woman Becomes pregnant it's for this reason Many of them become more protective of The Guardians during this time they can Also use their observational skills to

Predict pregnancy when labor is about to Occur dogs can also sense the changes in A woman's body such as those which Affect her hormone production there are Even occasions when certain animals have Refused to leave their Guardian side for Days before the baby is born as a Display of their protection over them Diseases thanks to their powerful sense Of smell dogs are able to detect the Changes which occur in the human body When they are affected by pathologies Such as diabetes or cancer in the case Of tumors forming volatile organic Compounds are generated particles of These chemicals are released into the Air and a dog's highly developed sense Of smell allows them to perceive them There have even been testimonials by People diagnosed with cancer in a place On their body which was regularly Sniffed by their dog discover other Facts about a dog's sense of smell with The video we share above Epilepsy some dog breeds are trained to Detect when an epileptic seizure is About to occur they can then warn their Owner and prompt them to take medication Or call for help there are also Untrained dogs which can protect Seizures this is due to a similar Perception of the organic compounds Produced before an epileptic seizure If you're enjoying our animal wise

Videos remember that a super thanks can Help us continue building the channel Fear dogs smell fear thanks to Monitoring our bodies when we feel fear We secrete the hormone adrenaline our Dogs can sense when we're afraid because They smell the increase in our Adrenaline levels Death as a normal process in the life of All living beings before dying certain Chemical and biological changes take Place in the body dogs are able to Perceive them effectively it's not Strange for a dog to stay close by the Side of a person when they're about to Die Antagonism dogs are capable of detecting When a person is about to attack or when They are likely to do something against Are good although there are other Reasons a dog may attack they can gauge The body language tone of voice and Other Expressions which mean a person is Going to attack essentially capturing The intention of a person before the Action Foreign If you want to continue learning facts About dogs don't miss the playlist We Share here Do you know of a situation your dog Predicted before you experienced it Share it with us in the comments and We'll see you next time


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