9 HOME REMEDIES for COUGH in DOGS ๐Ÿถโœ… (Most and Least Effective)

๐Ÿฏ If your dog has a cough and you don’t know why, it is imperative you go to the veterinarian. You may have seen these 9 HOME REMEDIES for COUGH in DOGS, but none of them are a suitable replacement for veterinary diagnosis. AnimalWised looks at these possible home remedies by seeing which are effective for cough dogs.


Treating DISTEMPER in DOGS at Home ๐Ÿถ ๐Ÿ‘‰

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There are many bold claims about giving Home remedies to your dogs for a cough Animal wise looks at some of the most Common to know their true efficacy Loquat juice loquats are a sweet flashy Fruit with large seeds they are rich in Vitamin A which is generally good for a Dog's immune system some claim they are Good for a dog's cough if you want to Feed a small amount of low Quant as part Of a balanced diet it can provide some Of their overall nutrition but it won't Have significant impact on a viral or Bacterial cough or if it is a symptom of Another serious health issue also their Seeds are highly toxic to dogs and Should never be left within their reach Green leafy vegetables although dogs Have certain nutritional requirements Which are met by consuming animal Protein they are considered more Omnivorous than other canine species This means they can have a balanced diet Eating other types of foods including Green leafy vegetables which are rich in Vitamin C and can help strengthen a Dog's immune system again this will have Little direct effect on the cause of the Dog's cough and an excess can cause Diarrhea not all fruits and vegetables Are good for dogs and you can find out Which ones to avoid in the video we Share on the card above coconut oil Coconut oil is described by many as a

Panacea for various illnesses including Cough but it's a product high in Saturated fat and giving it regularly to Your dog will increase the likelihood of Health problems such as cardiovascular Disease and obesity Cinnamon cinnamon does not have any Proven benefit for dogs as a cough Remedy but it has been shown to cause Digestive problems in sufficient doses Chewing cinnamon sticks can also cause Irritation to the mouth and the American Kennel Club points out that large Amounts can cause liver problems and Changes to heart rate Mint tea Menthol is a good expectorant When it is used in hot tea or lozenges As it can help open up the Airways you Can feed a small amount to a dog but its Strong taste may be unpleasant for them And they may not receive the benefits Peppermint Essence and essential oils Are too strong and will be toxic for Dogs Probiotics there's evidence of Probiotics helping your dog's gut Bacteria but only for General immunity Levels and not directly treating a cough Vitamin C supplements you give vitamin Supplements to your dog without direct Instruction from your veterinarian dogs Need to obtain vitamin C from food as They can't synthesize it on their own But too much can be problematic so

Giving them supplements in addition to The food they eat might be Counterproductive learn about dealing With other health problems at home with Our next info video on canine distemper Honey honey is one of the more reliable Home remedies for issues such as sore Throat and cough in dogs although it Should never be used in place of Treatment prescribed by the veterinarian It can provide some supportive treatment At home a teaspoon of honey can be given Up to three times a day but we should Not overdo it we need to avoid it in Puppies less than a year old Vapors steam can help to open up the Airways we cannot expect a dog to keep Their head over a bowl of hot water like We can but we can take them into the Bathroom and turn on a hot shower with The door closed this way the dog can Heal the steam Vapors something which May be helpful if we add expectorants Such as Menthol or eucalyptus to the Steam as long as it isn't toxic for dogs While some of these home remedies are More effective than others none of them Are a replacement for veterinary Diagnosis and treatment Administration Determined by a veterinarian if your dog Has a cough it could be a symptom of a Serious illness which cannot be treated With supportive remedies and doing so Can delay giving them the treatment they

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