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Thank you Who went to dirt and rolled around I thought so Okay Billy what happened Oh my God what is that Oh my God what is that [Music] Stop pursing your lips while you poop Go [Laughter] Check the things Victoria Oh my gosh get down from there you go Crazy Man [Music] [Applause] Let me see [Music] [Music] [Laughter] Pesto chicken pasta Thank you Foreign [Music] I can't [ __ ] believe this [ __ ] look At this [ __ ] [Laughter] [Music] Sir I gotta fix the carpet Oh what is Why aren't you Stepping on you

What the [ __ ] wrong with you Oh boy brewski In the third grade people treated me Like a criminal Yep Sometimes I like to chase my cat just to See her pouch wobble [Music] Taco House [Laughter] For the cat how the heck did this Alligator just get stuck in the Propeller Oh my gosh Foreign [Music] Don't do it Oh you're just giving me kisses uh-huh Don't don't do it Don't do it I'm so vulnerable right here Come here just relax Sir relax Thank you Kidding hey Nora come here Why do you see oh my God she's just Licked the railing she looks crazy look At this what are you doing No [Applause] Foreign Hi Good Sam [Laughter] [Music]

You're small give me that [Music] Oh [Laughter] What are you doing Foreign [Laughter] Slow mo Oh Well I'm not getting enough Ow oh my God Thank you It's like there's intention look girl he Want to see the picture [Music] Right it kind of interest you in a Perfectly normal glob of peanut butter With nothing else in it just peanut Butter only Oh delicious What are you doing Duke Duke Oh Is it good it might have just got Concussion Oh Call them will Oh Laughs Can you burp for your birthday sit down Birthday Why are you messing with me That's rude Foreign [Music]

[Laughter] Maria H [Laughter] [Music] Oh my God Oh ouch [ __ ] It's hard to get it out I think it's just Fans Oh my God Foreign [Music] This is not what I expected to see What the [ __ ] man how are you on the Roof Oh Well get down I know you can get down You got up I'll get all that I demand but scratches Luna's word of the day Ah That's my boy No my boy father help Rosie Rosie Hello Do you see Wednesday where I don't see him anywhere That's weird No no Winston around here [Music] Is it I swear to God you laughing girl You trying to laugh that's funny

[Music] Um excuse me I get the distinct feeling you've been Somebody you shouldn't have been Nope everything's wrong I don't know What you're talking about Why are you pink What is wrong with you Yourself because I don't give a [ __ ] About your terrible taste in pets What are you doing Wow You've been watching The Birds Yeah well I found a spider hey buddy hey buddy Come here come here oh Does he like Christmas Do you like Christmas oh he's Jewish oh My god well there's nothing wrong with That I just I just want to point that Out No no no no no Sir possum I Knight the Taurus Horus no that won't Go in your cheek come here no no If you 've never dealt with goats in Real life or undergo before this video Sums it up entirely His Sun basking on the roof I don't even know how he got there but He's having a good time Rusty's post birthday sugar crash Puppy Hi

Clarice what is this is this yours Clarice Clarice [Music] Hey hey Calm down Hansen again Don't you my boyfriend is Made for What is this made for [Music] Me [Music] Good job Bobby it's beautiful [Music] Okay [Laughter] [Music] [Music] Can I do this [Music] Guy This one real quick It's gonna be fast Yeah I'm getting old hey [Music] This is how they all Escape around here I'm making some food here Right and is he barely in the background I can I can I can't even cook yes Can I make some food Bailey Oh come on

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