Animals doing animal things, part 10

Animals Doing Funny Things #

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Foreign [Laughter] [Music] [Laughter] Oh my God Asked me do I have friends it's just me And my dog bark In my pile you are in my pile Double talk I'm refusing to walk about Look all the uh that's what he does he's Horrible [Music] I begin to pass out Then my head hit the wall All right Bruiser See if you like some peanut butter Oh no [Music] It Feels So quack it I swear to God Stop it He left the toad this nice looking tug Right out [Music] [Music] Cat Oh you come back for more Are you okay Are you okay [Music] This little is a rogue U.S military Asset and a danger to Public Safety Bottom line is we need to get a dog for Protection like if someone tried to

Break into our house I'd want to make Sure that they were immediately so if You tell you anything [ __ ] different He's a liar and a [ __ ] snake [ __ ] you Um Laughs [Music] Foreign Kiss your dog and see their reaction Should we see we can scare them Oh I didn't even wow Jack fears no uh Oh Foreign Please oh my God He just he killed my laptop he he killed My I What are you doing Hank What are you doing [Music] Thank you Oh my God like I just wish people would Understand How hard are things can get It [Music] [Music] What's up Surprise Shawty Could have got kelt there no running on The roads You come back when I have to tell you

Oh my gosh come quick there's a clock in My sink Okay let's What's that What do you think This is you Oh oh feet no no no no no no Oh [Music] [Laughter] [Music] You can finish I'm stuck Going on there Do you or do you not feel Bonita Wonderful because you look Bonita Drop in and just smack the lips drop Down mango Oh what What is the mango [Music] I am done with you dog Foreign [Music] Luna is that your rock Are you protecting it Foreign [Music] Cases This is Wyndham What are you doing What are you doing You walking on a sausage dog call [Music] Stuart

High five Never mind Gay rights My God are you homophobic yeah Federal incidence of cannibalism [Laughter] True Come here You broke it [Music] Why bro Hmm we were having a moment Hey little girl did you have a snack Did you have a little snack Oh was it the uh was it the papers for Uh Church Look at me you ungodly dog what have you Done [Music] I got my cats a pool table for Christmas [Laughter] [Music] Good job [Music] Oh yeah oh yeah a two-in-one oh no You got it you got it yeah When you get a Roomba for Christmas Oh my God what is that Oh my God what is that Puppy Oh snap my cat right here salaam alaikum Ah good job Girl Do you have a question

Do you have a question Retract your claw Retract [Applause] Ing Got a new type of cat litter this is how It went wow you can't even really see it You like it Indiana It seems to not go as much everywhere Let's see how it is [Music] So cute Okay [Music] Okay Oh my gosh [Music] Foreign [Music] Excuse me sir excuse me do you have time To talk about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ I don't run from the Lord Hey In the soak about it What's done is done you can go back to Sleep now [Laughter] She's getting her workout today It's definitely more on my left side [Music] I don't think you have any idea how fast I really am Foreign [Music]

[Music] I got to get back before Cleveland Realizes I'm not in bed Donna Bob I need to make the bed buddy Robbie I'm a snack I'm a snacks [Music] [Laughter] Come on

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