Animals doing animal things, part 11

Animals Doing Funny Things #11

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Par parkour Parkour extreme parkour parkour Bombastic side eye criminal offensive Side eye do Marley no Marly No help Mly Mly it's serson wait hold on serson Doesn't that guy date your sister yeah Well meow Meow good and Tasty let's go get our Skates wait for me I got little Legs and we're walking here we're Cooking People mother is it where the is it I Swear to God you laughing girl you Trying to laugh this Funny all right ready One two 3 PE For it's a party For you're my stinky brother brother Stinky brother stiny brothers stiny Brother stin so bad you smell so bad Look we're going to play patty Cake What are they doing On are they just where are their People George what the [ __ ] get Out Parkour parkour Parkour extreme parkour parkour you spin My head right around right around when You go down when you go down

Down begin to pass Out and my head hit the wall Boom what the hell are you Doing Oh No Chy Milo it's garlic Bread yum Oh I have not behaved one single day of My life not one day of my life have I Behaved and I am Fine as soon as we turn on Playstation Better W Sit up Stand Squat Squat Squat Squat I hear Him hello Hello what Kiki you better let go from these pants That is so funny he's still Onot you wagging your tail you think That's a fun Game Sh I think he thinks my nails are ow are Carrots Ow No

Cover Cover you got to open your legs up baby There you go Cover Cover You can make biscuits no don't play with That string Marvel John make your Biscuits chil Girl Baby how long you in Here now if your name is Window hi Window hi baby window hi Hello that's the Napkin Gone you eat my Napkin Foreign Foreign what I told you didn't I tell You he's 8 weeks old and he's on your Puppy this is the dog the police Not because we wanted to surprise you You guys all Suck what's wrong Man you nothing you ain't like bath Time Wow you really mad at Me oh wow that's s oh Wow Wow get Out baby No Cat

A Alexa what's the Temperature right now it's 64° F tonight Expect A Youing with me right I may be little but My mama taught me MMA a w murder Mitten Ass weaping H at me Again Bund Oh are you Stuck Jack come on back Up big boy Why does it always look like my dog is Drowning are you are you standing in the Water again Drake wait are you standing Too what is This oh my Goodness Aurora Aurora I'm Sorry Really what are you Doing somebody was in the garbage Downstairs not Affected on the butt pet pat pat patting On the butt Pat Pat Pat patting on the Butt P Bet when the only thing saving your life Is a baby Fence come come up now oh he does list Come up Now stop eating the grass shoot you Don't even have any te you can't eat the

Grass You don't have any Tee okay all right enough of that gummy Boy Sorry Louie why do you have a roll of Toilet paper why where'd you get that Come Here oh my God Why I'm just going to scooch in right here If you don't mind Uh we've been trying to contact you Regarding your car's extended Warranty the bottom line is we need to Get a dog for protection like if someone Tried to break into our house I'd want To make sure that they were immediately Terrified May And water repeat this kneading action Turning kneading turning kneading until The dough is smooth silky and elastic About 10 Minutes Excellent X Clap the Window and this is what you call nosy AEL E M You going to Cave Windows Afterwards you don't jump on my Couch you don't jump on my couch you Don't do that a no No I can put my finger down you don't Have to but don't jump on my

Couch what is wrong with ginger cats L wait for the attack looks at me so Innocently my leg is about to Die continuing on the project truck Today got my helper over here being a Little noisy he's holding the light good For me Though he hey hey stop stop stop I'm Trying to make a video buddy what are You doing down Here you nice you light up onne but calm Down with the impact we're trying to Work up here ain't that right you have a Smooth brain no ridges or lumps or Valleys or bumps all ideas slide right Off like a water slide smooth Brain it Got we trying to get it go Down all right Thor the door is Open you don't have to do this it's Open nothing stopping you from coming Inside Are you Dumb just wanted to give you a quick Update um Kai is a big Humper Overstimulated um literally humping Everyone um and a lot of the dogs did Not like it he is social but he's more Concerned about humping everybody than He is playing and Me So poor roly poly was just laying there Sleeping and then worm came along

And started biting her oh now she's Getting cleaning her okay that's nice of You hendrik Hendrick Show everyone how handsome your haircut Is you got this Travis make him wait for It Boom This is Bob Bob loves his personal space This is Larry Larry also loves Bob's Personal Space be Nice you say Sorry are you sorry say sorry You're going to be nice to your baby Good Dasher is not that much water bud You can do it you can do it you can do It good Job good Job This is the cutest [ __ ] ever I just went To Burger King and they snuck in chicken Nuggets for potato but she can't have Them he looks so Derpy good job swe I want to get up and Turn oh sorry I want to turn the light off But

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