Animals doing animal things, part 13

Animals Doing Funny Things #13

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Oh Oh oh My Look at this Idiot I'm sorry I just all the information you Want some Treats I'm fast as boy still fast as Come get some I don't think you have any Idea how F What do you think he's thinking About why is he sitting like This Lot Of There's Frank you guys oh Taco oh Frank R Rie a little old man Yeah oh [ __ ] she is throwing herself Into it so is Lizer she just Hello for Drugs It's the final brain Cell Hey you're so Cute ATT Pocket Yeah this is the world's juiciest best Chicken this is the world's laziest Freaking

Cat can I help you sir did you something You Need why would you H exercise a girl Hi Alie open The hey bestie what you doing Buddy that's my Best bck pocket big Pocket Charlie Charlie what's going On what's happening right now it's 5:45 P.m. and it's B shall we take a Walk do you want a Food watch your Head watch your Head watch your head lower Your oh okay you're not learning too Quick toar watch your head God hey Stop Ready what's up you guys it's Me when you're trying to be an Influencer at nice hotel but your dog Sees a Bunny we okay to capture the province But to draw you Out M really friendly oh shoot she going Smack you I I didn't know smackers what Hey Well he was born next to a nuclear power Plant has an IQ of two and got hit in The head with several rocks as a child

But boy can this guy Play the be spr and cabage Just you want some Tre you say I love You you can have it say it say I love You you can have some say it I Love good boy raise your hand if you are Beautiful here here he is again here he Is again that's astonishing it's Absolutely world Class is he possessed or Something See See she won't Tomato he would he do like the balloons When they're Up what the [ __ ] oh anyone else Sweating Goad My baby all right he had a m little F hi Baby I got this heating pad for my cramps Um But I think he is enjoying it a little Bit More come on This kitten drinks my Tea just yeah just drinking my tea oh Yeah let's have a big drink oh get my Whole face in There Hey I

It's just I don't think it can take us Little oh my Go my Belly really this S so proud of himself you made it thanks For I'm just going to scooch in right Here if you don't Mind I was living with just my cat for months And I forgot how stupid dogs Are that's You Hello hi There well have a good Day We have two types of Cats Sup Kat good to meet you and we are live From Sky Fox One crack head on the loose Last scene smoking crystal meth out of a Pepsi Can Why do you do this to Yourself are you sitting Down yeah it like a Chair Ni Both of Them what are you Doing We can escape we cannot come Out Mama I am

Staring at You I am staring at You Bruce why are you scared of the Butterfly it's a butterfly No it's just a butterfly oh so Nice you're a nice boy bigs you not Scared Bruce what's it Matter Bruce oh my God she has four dash Hands oh my God oh my God what We need more Tik Tok my man is out here For real for real for real look at the Thug look at the thug the last video we Made look at the thug they got the Cubans On God the last video we made I'm riding My Macaroni with the chicken Strips What are you doing There he like he's going to dance St He's not moving Scared he always wants to get near them Though he doesn't like You cat is playing catch Watch throw it lizy throw It throw It throw It Kitty Animal Control was outside my House detaining a straight Dog so I had to turn this experience

Into a lesson for my Dogs Do you see what happens if you run Away that's why you don't run away do Yall think I scared them Straight we're not going Outside because I said So yeah it's tough Life you're an ins Cat so we don't go out Here nope we Don't we've been over this Winston I Know life is so Tough

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