Animals doing animal things, part 15

Animals Doing Funny Things #15

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[Laughter] I begin to pass Out then my head hit the Wall If ghosts are not real then how do You explain [Music] This Oh look at you little Tedy Kitty Tedy Baby ow curse your Tedy Kitty Stop Hey what are you Doing H what are you Doing Nothing He's fast he's so Fast M so good and [Music] [Music] Tasty Are Stuck I Believe that the heart does [Music] Go [Music] Down My go for a Walkie come on Let's Go come On let's [Music] Go I'm pooping

Yeah you smell it where's Classy you get [Music] F [Laughter] B Come here just relax sir Relax CH Sandwich Going to Walk a baby Wolf Bra Hi Baby I'm taking a video of the dog I'm Sorry e she has a hair pole in her Mouth [Music] You're small give me [Music] That Cella are you Okay why you look so grumpy Huh it's Okay oh my God stop Wolfie stop It Lou you're stepping on the prim mantis Smo oh Myty it's a c up Peter you're not supposed to bother Other people while they pee Oh my God I love this hi P [Applause]

[Music] Hi Come on [Music] Marble just keep swimming just keep Swimming just keep swimming swimming Swimming uh uh uh uh Jerry Jerry Think about it it's a Baby don't do It don't do [Music] It Oh see it again oh Wow see Oh no Gently softer oh wow no O Wow W i Get What [Music] Some So a squirrel was eating our patio Cushions little B so we moved them Inside Rockets Rocket and what happened huh what Happened what happened Serotonin what are you Doing come on [Music] Out Stop stop let go

[Music] Stop that back there is not real not and You can sit on this plane and you can Die with them or not I'm not [Laughter] [Music] Going All right so here I am yep okay So yeah so I'm trying to take this video Right And I just want the lights to be On love this cat dude what a little Man I don't think you understand that you Are my Therapist can hello hello are you even Listening Puppy Hi I'm making some food here right and Is see Bailey in the background I can't I can't I can't even cook Yes we W can I make some food Bailey sweetie girl I feel so bad but Guess what Tomorrow you going to go take [Music] Okay no Hey Mommy you having fun looks like brother Is All this work has made me Thirsty Zeus out let them

Go marf marf marf Marf [Music] [Music] Hi Dandel Uh uh uh uh uh that's a no that's a No feel I feel like you're smarter than This there he Goes yep Perfect great Awesome Phenomenal Tennessee okay [Music] Bye is that enough food for You Are you going To are you going to Try [Music] Buddy M Snow want some snow Bell [Music] Bella oh my God oh oh my God Knuckleheads yeah yeah I'm talking to You that's no way to say good morning to Your Mama let's try again good Morning What are you looking For did I bring you something

Home we've been trying to contact you Regarding your car's extended Warranty Here Comes The Flash yes that's a lightning my friend Huh

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