Animals doing animal things, part 17

Animals Doing Funny Things #17

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M Mama oh my Go Pull the lever grunk wrong Lever no no no No so shocked if she just jumped at Me Can I get A zoom zoom zoom zoom I'm zooming in my Room my zoom is all forever my zoom is All together zoom zoom zoom zoom I'm Zooming over there I'm zooming over here Now and then I'm everywhere zoom zoom Zoom Never seen anything so Stupid Shak your Hands I believe I can Fly I believe I can Tou Mamae s stop Again That's Smile Around the way around the way and Fore When Mom won't let you Outside This is my service Pig say hi Fluffy Fluffy got the Je right bud you Ready go get

It I just found a bed bug in the Bed mooch did you just find out you had A cone your Head what you're looking at just you're Just Noing this One this One okay thank You Thank machine is Broken Hi no don't call Me thanks Kane nice Partner In this S Is a Threat Atten big pocket atten Big pocket big Pocket You want Fight don't be H me don't Eddie come on act like you're not watch You have to act like you're not Watching oh my God Slowmo easy you are not jumping up There Easy no you're Not you're not going to do It oh

You What do you Want Okay w Are you all tucked In Mr Handsome yeah A Wakey wakey oh my God take your dog on a Walk and he wants to stop and pee on Every Tree we have a ways to Go Are you Good ever find yourself ow dude I'm Trying to talk nice about you and with The claws man I have so many tiny little Holes in my face because of you Hor horis no that won't go in your cheek Come here no no pass me The What's Up Su do you want to go swimming oh look At how quickly your to changes Yeah what is this what what is this and Why do you do It you're not going to be able to stand On the light Reggie Oh yep just act like nothing Happened What what are you doing what are you Getting whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa where'd

She go What Gizzy what did I say the house rules Were W that's better than my rug babe That's a win that's a Win Look who going tubing tomorrow had to Get him a new life jacket isn't this so Nice time around you likeing Handro you don't like it you ready to go Tu we going to have fun we going to have Fun Tomorrow what is this what what is this And why do you do It Thing he's so fascinated by it he's too Curious curiosity killed the cat Man you understand if you wax at the Candles going on the ground He's did you get that oh my God what Up What are you Doing I it'sing your grandmother good job BBY It's Beautiful you have something on your Face right There But you have something in your face yeah See get it you got it it's right right There Okay no no no Alo stop It

No no no God Num num Num Luna's word of the Day who needs a beer after work I Do you didn't work Today did you work Today you did so you want a Yingling Too two ends there's like a bigger end And a smaller end oh I bought this one She's in there Again Oh my God Don't try to fake Sleep you look Comfortable Wait what you Doing hi excuse me I had an appointment For Today he's new oh Okay Was that you H Hey back up get back up get you just hit Baby Nathaniel did you just hit my teach Your kids not to be rolling Up my Love you are kitten you're already in The house you are in the House you're on the other side of the Door that's all see you are Inside oh No

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