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[Laughter] Boba where are you I'm in the GH [Music] Stop F Chunch when you're in jail you might Want to avoid words like festive and Brunch I kind of say [Music] [Laughter] [Music] Hi [Laughter] [Laughter] Someone is not happy about the newest Additions to the House birthday party gone Wrong is she GNA do It P for Pap it's a papa party P for Pap It's a Pap party Yay how pretty this cat is Oh My want to go for a walkie you want to Go for a Walkie okay what you guys want to eat Huh see [Music] Chicken what's Up Nova why are you staring at Me [Laughter] No [Music]

Sir what's on your [ __ ] face did you Drink my chocolate [Music] Milk can I get your Carie Me Your beer Cat hello rise and Shine Get him get Him Lo Lo [Music] [Laughter] [Applause] Oh I dropped my hat Ah thanks mate I have it please oh thank [Laughter] [Music] You you Fy there's a car behind Us Get off my Pizza do one that makes him [Laughter] Jump stop pursing your lips while you p Boop grab him by his tentacles in the FL Me ugly boy he's looking at the camera My God Cate Good Times Wooo Ripped it open already I'm farting on Him What

No I Lo Lo [Music] Oh my god get Down that's not Okay I literally got his whole bite mark But buddy you put a hole in it you put a Hole in my wall I have to cover you with The picture frame and I don't like doing That stop chewing my walls look at my Couch God dang Boy who's Here Say gracias [Music] Gra No stop It Murphy stop It stop Stop Bad Boy oh [ __ ] Oh Wow [Music] Wow Going to get on the [ __ ] kiding oh The horse just blow my [ __ ] trop away What a [ __ ] you're [ __ ] Rubble Rubble bro I'm trying to watch the movie

What do you need what is this Goblin Stance going on here thank You [Laughter] Pretty girl Lally just watch go put her Down all [Music] Right Oh my God what is [Music] That you're Adopted it's true I adopted You I'm sorry that the truth has to be Revealed to this Way I'm so sorry I'm so sorry oh No not allowed on the bed you No get get [Laughter] Down this kid is making Shug No how did you get That oh you got Bad Again Jesus [Music] Name me mouth mou kiss it Like [ __ ] [ __ ] my don't kill Me hey no tyy no Tyffy Our ke recently learned how to open Cabinets hey come here come here muffin Muffin

Muffin just Look be nice be nice be nice nice nice Goodness gracious that's why he's so big Oh my God okay Beautiful oh Hello [Music] It was at this moment that he knew he [ __ ] Up Bye Bye Bye Bro what are you doing Like Get bro what are you Bro This one is my little baby we're Besties this one's mean as [ __ ] [Music] Put them On Oh my gosh you have another hot Dog where are you getting these From just a normal day on the Gold Coast Of Australia Will you tell me what this guy Wants he already had Dinner he already had his dinner he's Already played with the ball like five Times he's been Outside what does this

Say Yeah all Right Okay Loki Loki so good and [Music] Tasty What Happened oh my God come here you Here okay all right not a good Ide oh there he goes [ __ ] Parkour parkour Parkour extrem parkour parkour this is Parkour internet sensation of 2004 and It was in one of the Bond films I said No Hilarious Jo Jo what are you Doing chop can she get it let her get up Jop you're so Weird arer CER did you miss mommy you Have to put her shoes on Yeah [Applause] Stop it stop it right now Stop It is she [Music] [Laughter] Crazy A did you think it was wet Food A

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