Animals doing animal things, part 20

Animals Doing Funny Things #20

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[Applause] [Music] No No What the heck I'm not doing anything to [Music] [Laughter] You all right Oh my God me did you do this Penny did you do that Huh was that you oh My Parkour parkour Parkour extreme parkour parkour this is Par Oh God oh God I didn't know I did [Music] That Boy still fastest boy oh God come get Sir [Music] Aie I just mopped Bro Really oh my God [Laughter] You have a smooth brain no ridges or Lumps or valleys or bumps all ideas Right off like a water Slide you're the Authori Deployed you'll need to release for Descent

Fast good Luck you can do This come on T's not our Friend I's say if Will's going to be Nice today good Morning good Morning okay now we're going to have to Sell your feet Pictures Oh you Ready Copper Copper [Laughter] Copper They just keep eating Mom's [Music] Shirt mom that one really likes your [Music] Shirt oh my God what is That oh my God what is that what are you Doing H what are you Doing Nothing Me just hanging Around My Sh you [Music] Okay Bombastic side eye criminal offensive Side eye Pumpkin can you turn around pumpkin look At me pumpkin

Pumpkin there you Go [Music] Your boys Okay when my dog almost got hit by Lightning Oh you want to come In come on Inside want to come In get Down No no Hey oh Simba No No Ding ma'am there's no need to be violent Bringing your Package who's been in the Doritos Riley who's been in my CRS Rot if you're happy and you know clap Your hands if you're happy and you know It clap your Hands if you're happy and you know it And you want to show if you're happy and You know clap your [Music] [Applause] Hands Go um may I help you Like call for Friend come here what are you Doing H what are you

Doing Nothing oh my Gosh Ow drugs now we're where're okay drugs This is awkward no thank you drugs who In D Go and go [Music] Go you Lost Who That b cat B cat B Cat [Music] Jesus Christ minding my own Business don't blink don't even blink Blink and you're dead they are tell me Your cat is spoiled without telling me Your cat is spoiled [Applause] I love You Debo get over here Come On come On what the heck Dude I piss and poo I piss and poo but Mostly pee thing's got three Speeds here there and gone it's got the Power of Infinity Hey you sleeping in the [Music]

Food [Laughter] Hi Bro can you get your tail out of my Bath thank You you just ate an entire chicken parm A whole Chicken do you have any idea what we've Done it was $20 [Music] Mass pleas Make Fore yes I Ready [Music] Ready [Music] [Laughter] Speak Speak Speak that's my foot speak Lily Speak speak [Music] [Applause] [Music] Speak my boyfriend meeting my dog for The first Time hey Okay here back up you Come C Cal down So hopefully miso stops getting on her Brother and he can continue to get

Oxygen to Breathe Are you ready for your bath Mama are you Ready how in the world can people not Like cats like look at this look at him Hazel tries cream Cheese My cat kind of looks like Michael Sarah To me in this video and now I just I Just can't stop thinking about It guys It's well busy pan she's so mad right Now kilan what are you Doing Literally [Music] Why oh my God you [ __ ] Bastard oh my God you're Adopted it's true I adopted [Laughter] You look at this distinguished Gentleman look at the way he is sitting Yes this is what I came home Too Mad horny Orangutan oh [Applause] Look here's a tip if you want to mess With your cat pick them up nice and Gently and throw them Away and then

Wait good Morning good morning wow my Happy happy guy oh just a happy happy Happy guy oh just a look at that a happy Oh The no thoughts no thoughts behind those Eyes just love just Love hey what are you doing what what Are you do Unbelievable unbelievable hey what the Heck did you just do I [Music] Can't oh my God okay it's happening Everybody St Cal what's procedure Everyone what's the procedure wait wait Wait calm [Music] Down [Music] She Stop this madness what do you want from Me what do you want please I'm Thirsty Refreshing [Music] A

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