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Foreign [Music] [Music] Let me in please [Laughter] Some cats sound like this [Music] And some cats sound like this What the [ __ ] even was ever was there an Attempt Is Foreign Foreign [Music] [Music] Hello this is my house This is a satana Is my friend [Applause] Thank you [Music] Bring it in Yeah see a magic trick She's got a weight patient There you go Just giving him a hand massage You like it What did you just play That was a nice apology It is Where are you Um you know How many more Haven't been in nowhere no no no no no

No no no no no no no no no no no no no No no no no no no [Music] No no no no come on Okay What do you want So mean [ __ ] [ __ ] sucker Stupid bastard Jesus Christ we're on the Other side of the tent it's okay They're outside Oh My God Look at her Murphy Oh my God it's a possum It's a possum Uh what if you go Thanks for grooming me I guess He's a pretty pretty pretty bird Pretty pretty pretty pretty bird [Music] [Music] S [Laughter] [Music] Oh my God you have a smooth brain no Ridges or lumps or valleys or bumps All ideas slide right off like a water Slide What What you want What you want me to Oh

Is that what you want Good Morning Starshine The Earth says hello [Music] Sorry I'm just gonna scooch in right here if You don't mind What are you doing digging why make a Hole a hole for what more digging Okay then Are you comfortable Oh Look at yovina [Music] Cool [Laughter] [Music] Eat get Your period Hi cutie muffins And I was just I was so scared to tell You They literally have nothing left and They're making do lemonade being so Stupid to worry about one little thing Like my life you couldn't even get over It Where are you [Music] Ready [Music] Guys [Music] Thomas

How's it going big man yeah have a good Night Nice smooth start Cheese Chickens God is that your baby how old is he Oh my God oh my gosh he has a lot of Hair for being only three days old oh my God snacks I'm a snag I'm a sweater I love [ __ ] Snack I'm so splitter and sneaky because I'm a snake Garden cat And you're giving me a Passage Laughs So we just moved into a brand new Apartment we've got one cat who's in the Closet in the second bedroom over there The other one Lost all its brains Oh gross Happening Bro Mile what are you doing why do you do This to me how did you Oh my God Excuse me Excuse me [Music] I'm just gonna scooch in right here if You don't mind uh We've been [Laughter] Cracking me up what are you doing here

Come out of my arm Faster He's like he's got a show to perform Later [Music] Good morning mi amor ow But I said good morning yeah Can we try again good morning There it is Thank you Don't come in here with your [ __ ] Me coming in with my [ __ ] Come on Kevin Oh my God he listened Oh Foreign Are you okay [Music] [Laughter] Hi Sam My [Music] Casita [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Laughter] What goes on in your cat's head [Music] Thank you [Applause]

[Music] No nobody Um I think my cat is broken What What [Music] Are you kidding me Are you kidding me but it was like Like a bag for like wrapped Oh It's like chemicals in here There's no way bro I swear away Miss 305 Down and today I just want to tell you Yeah Pepsi So good and tasty [Music] Come here come here come here Okay there you go get under there Foreign Oh

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