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Dinner to go anybody They're so cute I just want to kiss your Face and bite your ears and I want to Squeeze you until you go pop Oh stop it Stop it Okay it's okay hey are you supposed to Have that toy inside Ow Ah What quick what turned up When it's time to leave the park OMG Where are you guys So good and tasty Is Come on [ __ ] what is it riddle is it I Swear to God you laugh Ing What the [ __ ] Bro why are you Foreign U.S kids It's full of ass Stop No No I like a squishy Oh yeah oh yeah It was at this moment that he knew he [ __ ] up Get your booty off the mat She's incredibly intelligent people it Would scare them if they knew how smart

She is I'm about to lose it why would you do This Why would you do this tell me your dog Is spoiled without telling me nothing New lemon pepper supper You have a smooth brain no ridges or Lumps or valleys or bumps All ideas slide right off like a water Slide God Nice long bottom perfect form beautiful Teeth just perfect Stanley don't Standing dogged No Don't do it oh my God he did it Oh my God What you doing buddy Don't have the next room over The shame I began to pass out Then my head hit the wall S I really wanted to show you something Oh My God Foreign Did you bring your branch on the balcony Um Stop I'm literally just trying to poop In peace Of how much my lovely mother trusts me And how well this is training is

Stealing Oh yeah Don't do it Don't do it Don't Don't You stupid [ __ ] I just caught the new [ __ ] the new Yeezys Check them out Who's clean Anyways Those aren't released yet so I gotta Keep them packed away Babies Oh my god oh he's so [ __ ] annoying Well look he doesn't leave me alone he Keeps biting me Foreign Foreign What do you have to say for yourself Hey She won't stop eating me sandwich Oh yeah I see it Why no Shooter Oh baby are you are you stuck are you in Jail Are you stuck in your cage oh no oh no What have you done Oh mate What have you done What's in your head You can't get a drink

You're a silly Duffer Yes They're dangerous I'm so sick of this you two just need to Grow up What a big baby big girl hello It don't matter makeup I'm about dead Anyway so what I give a [ __ ] About the hell I care I don't Wait Street Hey Chloe what do you think of my new Shoes I raise an iPad kid A little tilted it's not perfect Oh my God Laughs Guys Coconut got attacked by dogs for a walk Today Please son goodbye You're my friend now we're having soft Tacos later I Laughs Just three dudes three dudes chilling on The couch Nothing to see here Oh Strawberry now that's a good deal again Oh Friendly Miranda the after eight years My husband's cat And my cat Still dislike each other so much that They won't eat unless there's a divider

Okay Collection Hahaha Okay What I should have done in my band Not Stead Get the hell Stop it hurts Is this the spot is this it Is moving towards me Spot Holy disappointed I thought You come here I'm gonna tell you Something I I gotta tell you something use it Good you adopted I'm sorry Instead of 100 so 50 Of 30. let's say he gets his base his Flat base for it 30 okay 50 of 30 is What 45 correct because it's half of 30 15 plus 30 45 the second guy has 40. Thank you We don't do that throw it down please We don't do that Happy for me He happens when she's happy Let's see Holy [ __ ] What the [ __ ] What the [ __ ] where did you come from The

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