Animals doing animal things, part 9

Animals Doing Funny Things #9

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This is what you do when you have an Evil kitten and you want to get rid of Them you put them on a shiny surface and You [Music] Go My dog is dumb AF Ghan's handy [Music] Um [Music] My God Oh my God I can't believe I got this on Video what are you doing Winston Stew it on your tail man He said what I can't believe this Are you being a very patient Big Brother [Laughter] Laughs Nice long body perfect form beautiful Teeth just perfect Is he stinky [Music] Well you're really doing it aren't you Down the street [Music] Laughs Yeah Hey look Mom I'm a bath bomb Excuse me do you have time to talk about Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ hey Don't run from the Lord where are you

Going Foreign [Laughter] Stop licking the damn wall Ginger Stop licking the damn wall girl Don't look that damn wall no more it's The ass Get off Noise [Music] Are you sweet Ie One Passion So here's the vet bill from today Um Not sure how you're going to pay that Um I'm just trying to play Minecraft can I Just play Minecraft God stop it I just Want to play Minecraft stop it Ow Your birthday Dear Maddie Happy birthday to you Yep Hey Sal [Music] Oh Hmm so good and tasty [Music] [Music] No

Hey oh my God Tell me you have a golden retriever Without telling me you have a golden Retriever Foreign Excuse me excuse me George George Thank you Oh my God You are a little pervert why are you Trying to take off my pants look at him Look at him Lucius you're just like your Dad Buckle Attention Universities Big pocket big pocket Point your bike down blue you're sliding The dog it's been so bad to die Oh Laughs You need stairs I spent six hundred dollars for a Purebred house demon Are you okay [Laughter] [Music] [Music] Okay [Music] Anybody home Do you want a hamburger Did you get that Oh No no go on Charlie Charlie get out of

Here come on go on Get out of here Nobody's Gonna Know Nobody's gonna know they're gonna know What's he doing What's he doing Does he have turkey that he won't give Up [Music] Foreign Come on Technically I'm I'm not on the table and I'm not on the counter So you can't spray me Mom Saw the hair Okay Sit sit in class did you sit It is [Applause] [Music] Um [Music] Mother I crave violence Found my dog sitting alone barking at a Half-eaten burger he must think barking At it will make it go in his mouth Us he's not that bright [Music] Mama Mama I just Can you let go I need to go Yes I need to go let go

Please Can I can you look Luna I need to go Okay Luna Let go let's go Thank you Foreign [Music] Thank you What you doing Huh You look like bags off Pick it up You made the mess you're cleaning it up Pick that up pick it up Pick that up Pick it up [Music] Hi we Okay Ooh magic scratches the messy scratches Ooh she got the leg the magic scratches Oh [Music] [Laughter] Laughs

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