Are CARROTS Good for DOGS? 🐶🥕 (Possible Benefits)

🐕 Are you wondering if carrots are good for dogs? Thanks to its nutritional composition, carrots can help your dogs health in various ways, especially being a healthy form of carbohydrates. Check out this AnimalWised video to see the specifics of carrots for dogs.


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[Music] While we should know dogs need a lot of Protein in their diet domestication has Meant they benefit from nutrients Derived from other sources Find out if carrot is one of them with Animal wise [Music] Healthy source of carbohydrates carrot Can provide some benefits to dogs in low Quantities dogs don’t need a lot of Carbohydrates in their diet but healthy Carbs from carrots can help to provide Them with the right nutrition this is The reason dry kibble companies can Often produce products which are Relatively high in carbohydrates Although some argue there is generally Too much in commercial feeds carbs can Help with the tissues of the heart and Central nervous system in general Promoting cardiovascular health The presence of carbohydrate means Carrots can be a good snack when the dog Needs a little boost of energy Promotes eye health You may have heard that cards can help With eyesight something which is true For people While it is not to the same extent it is Also a benefit provided to dogs carrots Contain better carotene which is Synthesized into vitamin a strengthening The immune system combating cell

Oxidation and improving the animal’s Vision Can help with diarrhea when a dog has Diarrhoea we need to treat the Underlying cause which has this Gastrointestinal disorder as a symptom In many cases of diarrhea the problem Will resolve rapidly once treatment Begins some however may also require Dietary changes to help restore gut Health A soft food diet which contains Ingredients such as cooked rice pumpkin And carrot can help supplement the Treatment prescribed by the vet if you Want to know how to resolve soft stools In your dog our first info video can Help Prevents the appearance of tartar Dogs can have a predisposition toward The development of oral bacterial plaque And subsequent tartar this is especially So if we neglect their oral hygiene by Brushing their teeth you may know of Some dental treats you can buy in pet Stores which are hard and help remove This tartar with an abrasive action Raw carrot can perform a similar Function if used in conjunction with General dental hygiene [Music] Helping dogs with obesity as carrots Contain such a low percentage of fat and Calories carrots can help in the diet of

An overweight dog adding it to their Food provides energy they need and Regulate intestinal transit while still Satiating their appetite discover which Vegetables and fruits you should not Offer your dog in the next info video we Share Raw or cooked carrot for dogs by cooking Food in boiling water we change the Starch content of the vegetable this Prevents raw starch from being digested And fermenting in the colon something Which causes flatulence and related Health problems a low raw carrot can be Ingested and assimilated by the dog Cooking can make it more palatable for This reason raw carrot is good for dogs But cooked carrot is better the leaves And skin must always be removed before Cooking or giving to the dog How often to give carrot to a dog we Recommend trying a small amount and Observing how the animal reacts if they Don’t have digestive issues we can Increase the amount up to a maximum of 20 grams per day however we need to Ensure a dog has the right levels of Protein and other nutrients so a very Diet with other types of vegetables and Animal protein is required so it’s best Not to give carrot every day Consult with the vet to find out what’s Best for your dog Find out more about feeding dogs in the

Playlist we share here let us know in The comments if your dog likes carrots And we’ll see you next time [Music]

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