Are CATS Jealous Animals? – Everything About Jealousy in Cats

Have you ever wondered if cats are jealous? Why do some cats seem to be envious and possessive? ๐Ÿ˜พ๐Ÿ‘‡ Many people claim that cats are jealous of their guardians, babies, other people or other animals. However, where is the truth all this? In this new video from AnimalWised we review the most frequent causes that we associate with jealousy in cats from an ethological point of view. Thus, although there are many studies in dogs, we do not have corresponding feline studies that can unequivocally confirm jealousy or possessiveness. ๐Ÿพ Read below if cats are jealous and what to do about jealous cats! For more background information, read the original article:

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Many claim their cats are jealous when They carry out behaviors related to Aggression and possessiveness towards Another whether a cat dog or human However an observation can be Interpreted differently Is it true that cats can experience true Jealousy in our latest video and more Wise investigates to begin we need to Ask ourselves if it is correct to affirm That cats can be jealous since envy is An emotion that until recently was Solely attributed to human beings Although the domestic cat as a solitary Animal domestication has allowed the Species to gain certain advantages if They participate in social dynamics when Living with the human being they are Provided with food shelter and a level Of care which protects their well-being Other companion animals living in the Same home can also provide an important Source of enrichment in this way a cat Makes a person or other animal a Reference figure to which it relates Socializes and interacts on a daily Basis this means the people other cats And other species close to them become Valued social partners a figure with Which they feel safe often become in the Cat’s favorite on the other hand social Rivals can also appear this is a figure Which buys for the same resources Whether these be practical or emotional

The cat can reject this figure and even Show aggression something we may Interpret as jealousy However hello it is more common to talk About jealousy and dogs since there are Studies which assert the existence of This emotion in canines There is no same clinical ethological Study in domestic cats this means it is An imprecise term when used in this Context without adequate scientific Studies to prove the existence of Jealousy and cats it’s difficult to Chart specific behavior patterns which Can be deemed as jealousy however we can Look at frequent behaviors of jealous Dogs and see if it relates first the Animal seeks regular attention from the Reference figure they pay attention to The socialization of the reference Figure and the social rival They may interrupt the relationship Between the reference figure and the Social rival they also may make negative Camming signals or show aggressiveness Towards the social rival what we may Perceive as jealousy in cats may in Reality be various behavioral problems Caused by personalization when they were A kitten this leads to the appearance of Negative experiences or territoriality a Cat may behave in this way towards a Baby their Guardians partner a dog or Even another cat especially if we are

Talking about a cat which is jealous of An infant or child we need to implement Appropriate security measures to prevent The cat from harming them we can do this Probably venting the cat from having Access to them in milder cases we can Try to work with the cat and positive Eyes the presence of the social rival we Do this by associating their presence With positive experiences for example by Giving them treats petting them or Speaking kindly it’s also possible to Apply pheromones to the social rival Which will make them more relaxed in Their presence when they are actually Getting upset we can try to reassure Them by giving them space and can in the Most serious cases it’s essential we Take them to a veterinarian or Ethological specialist to help diagnose The problem with the cat they can offer Management guidelines and practical help To encourage behavior modification does Your cat ever seem jealous share your Stories in the comments if so like if You enjoyed the video and subscribe if You want to see more content from animal Wise we’ll see you next time [Applause]

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