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๐Ÿ• Do you know about animal-assisted therapies? In this AnimalWised video, we are going to focus on assisted therapy with dogs. We are going to see the benefits of dog therapy, what characteristics therapy dogs should have and what are the 5 best dog assisted-therapy dog breeds.

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Dog assistant therapy is a specific type Of animal assisted intervention where Dogs become co-therapists during Sessions to help users improve their Physical emotional cognitive or Relational functions If you would like to know more about the Work of therapy dogs and its benefits Keep watching this animal-wise video [Music] Benefits of canine assisted therapy Some of the primary benefits of canine Assisted therapy include improving Social skills and communication even Encouraging group participation It also enhances self-esteem and Self-confidence providing a sense of Optimism in doing so Canine therapy can help with Concentration and improve motor Functions in patients with mobility Issues it reduces heart rate and blood Pressure facilitating a state of Relaxation and reducing stress and Anxiety Characteristics of therapy dogs It’s common for assisted therapy dogs to Be born and raised in specialized Centers however any dog which meets a Certain number of requirements can be Trained to become a therapy animal Firstly it’s essential the animal has Been correctly socialized from the time They are a puppy

This requires positive experience with People other animals environments and Even sounds Upon reaching maturity proper Socialization allows the dog to have Self-confidence and avoid fears or Phobias in the face of the unknown it’s Vital the dog enjoys company and human Contact as it’s common for users to Touch the animal during therapy sessions The dog must also have an interest in And appetite for learning Some dogs love to be educated and learn New tricks but others are disinterested In these activities in these cases they Should never be forced to interact with Patients against their wishes it’s not Only the dog which needs aptitude the Therapist or trainer needs to have Extensive knowledge of canine body Language and behavior to ensure they are Comfortable during a session Although there is no therapy specific Dog breed the following dogs are Generally well suited for this activity Labrador retriever This famous breed of dog is probably the Most widely used worldwide for therapy And social assistance work their Cheerful and sociable character makes Labradors enjoy company both with humans And other dogs their motivation to train And learn new skills is another great Advantage they are also ideally sized so

That users can interact with them Comfortably without causing damage Golden retriever the golden retriever Has a very similar origin size and Temperament to those of the labrador It’s a noble patient can and very Intelligent dog making them ideal to Participate in therapies with children Adults and the elderly in addition it’s Said that it has a special sensitivity To recognize human emotions and respond To them if you find it difficult to Differentiate between these two breeds Of dog take a look at the next info Video where we explain their Characteristics and differences Poodle Poodles are considered one of the most Intelligent and suitable breeds to be Therapeutic dogs their physical and Behavioral characteristics have made Them an ideal working dog it’s also very Common to find crosses of a poodle with A labrador and with a golden retriever Acting as therapy dogs as we see mixed Breed dogs are also perfect for assisted Therapies german shepherd properly Socialized and educated german shepherds Are all-terrain dogs that are fully Involved in whatever task they are Trained for they are very popular and Beloved extremely intelligent and highly Obedient dogs cavalier king charles Spaniel

Perhaps less well known in therapy this Small dog of english origin is Characterized by being very familiar and Affectionate its sympathetic and playful Nature have made it an ideal therapy dog Breed for therapies with children and The elderly or with any patient who may Feel a certain fear or insecurity Towards larger dogs if you can share Your experience of a dog helping you Through a tough time please do so in the Comments We’ll see you next time [Music]

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