At Home Dental Care For Your Pet

Keeping your pet’s teeth strong and healthy is essential to preventing illness and pain in your pet’s mouth. Check out these at home tips and tricks for a healthier happier pet!

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Hey guys I recently made a video about Periodontal disease in pets and I wanted To make this video to give you some tips On how to maintain a healthy smile for Your pet at home if you’re new welcome Make sure to subscribe but before you Leave and hit the notification belt so You can become part of the Burch family Yeah so dogs have 42 teeth while cats Have 30 teeth and keeping all of these Teeth healthy is an essential part of Your pet’s health to prevent them from Getting illnesses oral pain and can’t Extend the longevity of their life the Best thing that you can do for your pet At home is number one brushing their Teeth it may seem like a lot to brush Your pets teeth every day because it is A lot but it is the best way to help Prevent periodontal disease brushing Your pets teeth daily remove slack and Bacteria from your pets oral cavity a Lot of times I will tell new pet owners That come in with these puppies and Kittens to start messing with their Muzzle and try to start brushing their Teeth so when they’re adults they’re Used to it and they’re used to getting Their teeth brushed I did that with my Dog and she will let me brush her teeth I’m not gonna sit here and lie to you And say that I brush her teeth Every day I don’t but for those pet Owners out there that want to do the

Best of the best of the best the best is To brush their teeth if you are one of Those pet owners that is interested in Brushing your pets teeth then here are Some tips for you my tips for you are to Not just automatically go in with a Toothbrush to your pet I would start by Rubbing their face and their muzzle and Their lips for a couple days and then After that I would start to rub their Teeth and their gums then I would get a Toothbrush and put some toothpaste on it Not human toothpaste pet toothpaste and Then put the pet toothpaste on the pet Toothbrush and let them lick it off and Then finally you’ll start to attempt to Brush their teeth in circular motions You do want to make this experience fun For your pets so after you’re done Brushing their teeth make sure to praise Them and give them a treat or their Favorite toy or whatever it is if they Love so it’s a good positive experience For them number two alternatives to Brushing now I personally fall into this Category because I don’t brush my dog’s Teeth every day I tried it and then I Just kind of I just didn’t do it okay That’s why there are other things that You can do at home Other than brushing their teeth there Are certain dental treats water Additives things that you can add to Their food all sorts of things but I

Personally like for my dog our orbit and Veggie dint there’s things like pareo Support which you can put on your pets Food there are specific foods that are Made for oral health there is a website Called vo h c org or the veterinary oral Health council I’ll have it linked down Below and they have a list of the Products that have been tested and Approved that actually do help fight Back and tartar on your pets teeth Number three monthly mouth checks on Your pit I personally check my pets Teeth literally all the time I probably Check them once a week but I’m really Extra you don’t have to do that I would Say you should check your pets teeth at Least every single month and make sure There’s no red or swelling gums there’s No tartar which is that brown stuff that Builds up on their teeth you don’t see Any teeth in their mouth that are broken Or chipped or bleeding pets can’t have Oral masses I know so it’s good to Always check and make sure you don’t see That either make sure there’s no pus There’s no discharge pets can have putts Underneath their gums and it’s gross Just feel around their mouth and make Sure there’s no oral pain associated With touch identifying changes early can Help prevent diseases later number four Veterinary checkups a lot of pets go to The veterinarian yearly some of them go

Every six months but regardless it is Very important that a veterinary Professional take a look at your pets Teeth there’s a lot of times they can Identify things that are abnormal that You might not know is abnormal and the Earlier you can catch it the earlier you Can treat it and finally number five Which is getting a professional dental Cleaning done at your veterinarian a Veterinary dentist will tell you that Your pet should have a dental cleaning Done at least once a year I do have some Patients that get their teeth cleaned Every six months due to like extreme Periodontal disease if your pet is gonna Undergo a professional dental clean make Sure that your veterinarian does dental Radiographs they do a full oral exam Just because the tooth appears healthy On the outside doesn’t mean that its Roots are also healthy as a veterinary Professional you don’t know what you’re Dealing with unless you know what’s Going on underneath your gum line I made An entire video on professional dental Cleanings if you want to check it out Nick I’m your veterinarian it recommends a Dental cleaning remember that the Procedure is so much more than just a Cleaning it’s about preventing disease Alright guys that is it for this video I Hope you learned something if you liked

It don’t forget to subscribe and I’ll See you in my next one bye [Music]

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