BASIC CARE of a CAT’s LITTER BOX 🐱 (Types of Litter and Cleaning)

🐈 Do you want to know all the basic care of your cat’s litter box? In this AnimalWised video we solve the most common doubts regarding the type of litter we should use in our cat’s litter box and how to clean it.


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In this animal-wise video we explain the Basic care of a cat’s litter box the Different types of cat litter available And tips on how to keep their litter Clean [Music] How many litter boxes should you have at Home To determine how many litter boxes we Should offer we need to take in certain Factors the main is the number of cats In the home We need to have enough for each of them To use comfortably even if you only have One cat it’s best to have at least two For their use In general we should have one for each Cat in the home plus one extra for them All to share Learn about cleaning not only litter Boxes but the whole home in our first Info video above [Music] What type of litter is the best We can find four main types of cat Litter commercially available absorbent Litter clumping litter silica and Biodegradable litter To choose which one is best for you you May have to use a little trial and error Some cats will not like certain types of Litter while others will be less Particular If we buy one our cat likes we don’t

Have to change it on the other hand we Will have to try another if they refuse To go in it How to change the type of cat litter we Can either directly replace all the old Litter with the new one or we can slowly Mix the old litter and new litter until It is finally all replaced always Observe your cat for any preference they Make How often should we change cat litter No single answer can be given as to how Long cat litter lasts before it needs to Be replaced Several factors will influence its level Of soiling we do recommend collecting Their stools every day once this is done The litter will be practically clean We can use one of two main methods to Change cat litter The first method is to add more clean Litter every time we remove soiled Litter This is more common when using absorbent Or clumping litter as we can better see What parts are soiled this is done Approximately one to three times a week It will also be a more appropriate Method if we don’t use much litter to Begin with The second method is to remove their Stool and leave the rest of the litter For as long as it can be clean This can be anywhere from one to four

Weeks depending on the type we use Once unusable throw it away and replace The litter this method is commonly used With silica litter as all or most of the Package is usually used in each litter Box but doesn’t need change for up to Four weeks Litter box deep clean Every time we make a complete change It’s good to wash the litter box with Warm water and some soap the use of Cleaners such as bleach is controversial Since it can be attractive for some cats But can repel others and make them no Longer use the litter box we can test The sensitivity of our cat by bringing The cleaning product near the litter box And seeing how the cat reacts In general if we opt for an absorbent Litter that does not control bad odors a Deep cleaning is recommended once a week With higher quality litter which clumps The urine and eliminates odors this Cleaning can be limited to once a month Regardless what living you use always Adjust to your cat’s individual needs If you want to continue learning about Cat care don’t miss the playlist we Share here let us know which letter you Use and we’ll see you next time [Music]

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