Basic Pet Care: Cats

Cats are fascinating animals, but they require constant care, commitment and resources. Learn how you can provide a comfortable and caring home for your pet cat in this video!

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[Music] Hi everyone my name is adam And i’m from the animal and veterinary Service at n parks And today i’m going to share with you How to take care of your cat Now to ensure your cat is comfortable in Your home here are a few things That you need to provide food and water Toys to play with scratching poles to Keep its claw Healthy and stretch his muscle Brush and nail clippers little box to Poop and pee in A pet carry just in case you want to Bring it to a vet And a comfortable bed to sleep on and Sometimes A cardboard box will work too As most cats like to climb make sure Your shelf is bare So things will not topple and also Please secure your window with natural Grill Now your pet cat should be kept indoors To avoid disturbing your neighbors who Share The common living space just like you Your cat needs a regular medical checkup To keep healthy They’ll need to go to animal doctor Otherwise known as A vet vets can provide vaccination Which will prevent your cats from

Catching certain diseases Besides providing your cat’s basic needs You need to give you the quality time And attention it needs and that doesn’t Really take much effort The cats are fascinating animals it’s Always fun to watch them grow And they can live up to 20 years so they Require Constant care commitment And resources now this is why you should Think twice before getting a pet [Music] Being considered a responsible pet owner You need to play your part in caring for The community And the animals that share a home in the City In nature now remember a pet is for life [Music] You

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