BED BUGS in CATS 🐱🪳 (Bites, Symptoms and Treatment)

If you think your CAT has been BITTEN by BED BUGS, you will need to know it is not very likely. AnimalWised looks into whether BEG BUGS BITE CATS, as well as the SYMPTOMS and TREATMENT of a possible infestation.


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[Music] Bed bug infestations have recently been Making the news but many of us know Little about how they affect our cats Animal wise looks into whether bed bugs Can infest cats as well as the symptoms And treatment of bed bug related [Music] Illness can bed bugs live in cats these Blood sucking parasites are usually Found in mattresses sofas and other Types of furniture hence their name the Greatest period of activity occurs at Night they are capable of hiding during The day in cracks or mattresses waiting To feed once the sun goes down the main Symptoms of bed bugs are itching anxiety Stress and insomnia there are no known Diseases transmitted by these parasites But they can be a vector of pathology Such as chagus disease and hepatitis B Among people in the case of pets bed Bugs and cats are are a rare parasitic Infection they have a preference for Humans and they can have trouble with Animal coats however these parasites are Known to have a great capacity for Adaptation so in some situations they Can end up affecting cats especially Those with atopic dermatitis problems if Bed bugs are suspected do not hesitate To contact your Veterinarian contrary to popular belief Bed bugs are not capable of living in

Cats their behavior is the same as in People they only come out of their Hiding place to feed returning to it After biting the animal cats are not a Common Vector of bed bugs and are less Likely to be infested than their human Guardians symptoms of bed bug bites and Cats despite being a rare occurrence bed Bug bites and cats produce different Symptoms such as intense itching skin Irritation hair loss and serious Secondary infections due to excessive Scratching If You observe these symptoms It's most likely due to another parasite Such as fleas in these cases we Recommend you go to your veterinarian to Resolve the problem as soon as Possible what happens if my cat has bed Bugs if a bed bug bite does occur the Symptoms are generally cutaneous since There is no evidence of diseases being Transmitted by their bites in extreme Cases bites can lead to a serious Allergic reaction putting our kittens Life at risk this is why the control and Monitoring by a veterinarian with these Types of insects are so Important how to remove bed bugs and Cats the best way to stop bed bugs is to Avoid them these parasites hide in Remote places so it's unlikely they will Be seen in a cat if any bed bug in their Adult larval or egg form are found in a Cat they can be brushed out of their

Coat easily if the animal is using Preventive deworming treatment the Moment the bed bugs contact their skin They should Die how to avoid bed bugs and cats to Avoid bed bug INF infestation in cats The process is similar to that for Humans however administering the right Deworming treatment is the first step Since it will prevent infestations of Parasites such as bed bugs ticks fleas And mites learn about starting to deworm Your cat with our video shared above on A kitten's first fet visit bed bugs are Known for their great persistence and Ability to adapt some insecticides used In the past no longer have any effect on Them due to the development of Resistance if you or your pet are Experiencing a bed bug infestation the Best way to eradicate them is with the Following recommendations wash different Household textiles such as blankets Pillows or sheets at more than 50° C or 122° F use pesticides with proven Effectiveness against bed bugs isolate The bed from the ground with Vaseline or Water since bed bugs cannot pass through It freeze different highhold items for 3 Days clean the home frequently use use Dious Earth as an effective insecticide Place traps against bed bugs always Verifying that they are not harmful to The cat be careful when staying in other

Places during a trip finally we should Hire a company specialized in pest Eradication if the infestation persists If you want to continue learning about Cat care don't miss the playlist We Share here we'll see you next Time

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