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The Bernese Mountain Dog, sometimes known as the Bernese Cattle Dog, is a large sized dog with an even bigger personality. They are very calm, docile and loving dogs, making them particularly popular as family dogs, especially those with a lot of room to spare. They will be great to snuggle up with on the sofa, but that is only as long as they have had the right amount of exercise and are given enough mental stimulation to meet their intelligent character. Here at AnimalWised we bring you the characteristics of the Bernese Mountain Dog. We also provide information on what sort of care needs you can expect if you adopt one into your own family, including health expectations. As you will see, they are a dog which will get on with anyone, but, practically, they are not for everyone. Keep watching to find out more and take a look at their breed file for further reference:

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The Bernese Mountain Dog or Bernie’s Cattle Dog is a breed which has become An increasingly popular especially with Families they’re a wonderful family dog Which is also great when employed as Search-and-rescue dogs or even a therapy Support dog for both adults and children If you want to know more about this Noble gentle and affectionate canine Don’t miss this new animal whines video The Bernese Mountain Dog has a long History as a farm dog in origin it’s in The foothills of the Alps as well as the Plains near bern in switzerland a great All-rounder they originally used as a Guard dog cattle herding dog and a Draught dog to pool products to the Market often dairy products made famous By the region at first these dogs were Known as the durbar according to the FCI Standard of the breed this is because They were frequently seen in an inn Named the dur back of Wrigley’s burg in The canton of bern over time the Bernese Breed gained popularity as a family dog And show dog while still being put to Work this is due to both its great Character and remarkable appearance in 1910 the name was officially changed to The Burmese Moncton dog and today this Breed is most popular of all Swiss Mountain Dogs and has fans in different Parts of the world due to its Tri-colored fur long coat and

Above-average size this dog cuts a Striking pose their heads are large but Kept an excellent proportion with the Rest of their body the coat is Particularly noted among fans of the Breed being long and bright but either Straight or slightly wavy the base color Is jet black with reddish brown markings And white spots in a beautiful Distribution the Bernese Mountain Dog is Between 64 and 70 centimetres at the Withers and weighs around 50 kilograms Or 110 pounds the Bernese Mountain Dog Is an excellent dog for all families Provided they have an active lifestyle And are able to provide the necessary Stimuli to encourage this breed and Develop with their physical and mental Capabilities they are quiet independent Safe dose Isle and peaceful within the Home they’re perfect for both adult Families or those with children the Bernese mountain dog enjoys playing with Little ones during walks to the dog park Or in nature when their knees are Satiated they will relax when home and Can act as an excellent nanny dog the Fur of the bernese mountain dog needs to Be brush at least three times a week However it when it comes to shedding Season it’s best to brush them once a Day to prevent our home being clogged With Bernie’s fur and dirt you should be A them when they’re very dirty but don’t

Exceed giving them a bath every two Months or so if not due to their large Size you should take them to a groomer For bathing if you don’t have the Facilities at home Although these dogs have a can Temperament they will not adapt well to A sedentary life since they need Sufficient exercise it’s essential they Have at least three walks a day combined With other physical activities this is Why homes with yards or space to run Around are more appropriate to meet Their needs we also can’t neglect the Bernese Mountain Dogs need for Companionship and affection as they are Sociable dogs it’s best that they have Accompaniment most of the time and are Able to interact with other people dogs And environments as with any dog it’s Important to socialize them from being a Puppy onwards the Bernese Mountain Dog Socialization is usually easy due to its Can and predisposed temperament although It is usually reserved for strangers They can quickly get along if treated Positively training is easy with this Breed if positive reinforcement is used Due to their intelligence these dogs can Learn endless tasks and abilities it’s Advisable to add to their education Daily simulation intelligence games and Varied activities to keep them mentally Active the main behavioral problems of

This breed is that they can suffer it From destructiveness this usually stems From a lack of exercise and or Companionship and meeting these needs is Essential if we are considering adoption In addition to these details we must not Forget that they will greatly enjoy Basic obedience sessions teaching them Basic commands will be fun for both of Us and the dog making them feel valued Stimulated and mentally active don’t Forget that it’s a large dog and a lack Of education and training will become a Problem for us also Additionally regular obedience practice Will help improve their human bond Considerably allowing them to better Understand and be guided by you The Bernese Mountain Dog is susceptible To disease like any other dog for this Reason regular visits of the vet every Six months or so is ideal and really Annoying any health problems heatstroke Is also common due to the thickness of Their fur so take precautions if you Live in a warm climate or there’s a Heatwave don’t neglect their internal And external deworming schedules as well As the vaccinations doing so will have a Detrimental effect on their health their Life expectancy is between 8 and 9 years Of age Now you know a little more background About the Bernese Mountain Dog why don’t

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