Border Collie vs Australian Shepherd – What are the DIFFERENCES?

In this AnimalWised video, we are going to share you everything you need to know about both the Border Collie and the Australian Shepherd. The Border Collie and Australian Shepherd are two dog breeds which often get confused with each other. The reason for this is because they are two breeds which closely resemble one another. Since the Australian Shepherd is a descendent of the Border Collie, it is understandable these dogs will share similar characteristics and physical appearance. Here we share the similarities and differences of the Australian Shepherd and the Border Collie, in terms of their looks, their character and their care needs.

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If we think of a dog guiding a flock of Sheep the first image to many will be a Border collie to others it might be the Australian Shepherd at the same time due To their multiple similarities Differentiating between the two breeds Can be difficult in this new animal wise Video we show you the differences Between Border Collies and Australian Shepherds so you can easily tell which Is which the origin of the border collie Goes back to the fifth and first Centuries BC when the Celtic tribes Brought the forerunners of these dogs to The British Isles even then they are Believed to have been employed as a Herding dog a job they continued to Excel in due to their intelligence and Incredible working abilities on the Other hand the origin of the Australian Shepherd is uncertain with several Conflicting theories despite their name It’s generally agreed that this breed Actually originates from the United States during the 19th century as they Were developed by Basque emigrants who Went to the American continent with Intentions of trying their luck raising Cattle and sheep taking their Shepherd Dogs with them after having spent some Time in Australia it is believed the Australian Shepherd is the result of Crossbreeding between the border collie And other types of shepherd dog this

Highlights one of the main links between The two breeds that one descends from The other although both dogs have very Similar physical features such as a Mid-length Coat they do have different Characteristics which can help us Differentiate the border collie from the Australian Shepherd a clear example is The range of colours for each of the Breeds the border collie can be black Blue merle red merle speckled gray Tricolor white black and tan red brown And civil the Australian Shepherd can be Blue or red Merle red tricolour Tricolour Merle black or copper Additionally the Border Collies coat is Much more dense than Australian Shepherds the latter’s being much softer Likewise the Australian Shepherd has Slightly shorter hair on its head one of The main differences is that the ears of The Border Collie stand Or semi-erect whereas erect ears in an Australian Shepherd is considered a Breed fault although both dogs are of Medium size the Australian Shepherd is Slightly heavier and taller than the Border Collie a medium adult Border Collie weighs about 20 kilograms and Measures between 46 and 53 centimeters At the withers while an Australian Shepherd can weigh between 25 and 30 Kilograms and measure between 46 and 58

Centimeters in both breeds the female is Usually smaller than the male there are Not many differences between the Border Collie and Australian Shepherd as both Dogs are affectionate faithful loyal Attentive and active this means the two Breeds need sufficient daily exercise as Well as time to perform activities which Keep their mind and body stimulated in General they do not adapt well to small Living spaces due to their active nature If we respect the character of each dog And meet all their needs the border Collie can live up to 17 years with the Australian Shepherd expected to live Around 15 years although there are many Exceptions the basic care needs of food Exercise hygiene and preventive medicine Are the same for both dogs the only real Difference in this area involves caring For their coat while the Australian Shepherd will require two weekly brushes And baths were necessary the border Collie needs a more intensive routine Ideally brushing every day or every Other day minimum to ensure that coat is Shiny and silky this is due to the Difference in fur texture discussed Earlier as the border collies coat is Rougher it needs more care than the Australian Shepherd as it can become dry And brittle on the other hand although Both dogs need daily exercise and Engagement with mental stimulation and

Intelligence games to ensure their Well-being the border collie may need to Expend slightly more energy as the Border collie is considered the most Intelligent dog in the world according To dog psychologist Stanley Coren Training is relatively easy using the Appropriate techniques in this way the Dog may understand and internalize Commands better than other breeds Especially for herding tasks The Australian Shepherd on the other Hand needs a little more time but Generally adapts very well to training And education in both cases the most Recommended training techniques are Those which use positive reinforcement This helps keep the dogs motivated and Achieves better results this is Especially so in the border collie due To its active nature and great Intelligence opting for negative Reinforcement generates behavioral Problems and results in health problems Such as stress anxiety disobedience Destructiveness and aggressiveness in Serious cases likewise as we pointed out Before it’s vital to teach the dog new Tricks to avoid the border collie from Becoming bored what do you think about These two breeds do you have a favorite If so tell us about it in the comments Give us a like if you enjoyed this video And subscribe for more to come we’ll see

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