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πŸ”₯ Find out EVERYTHING about the BULLMASTIFF dog breed πŸ”₯ In this new AnimalWised video, we tell you everything about the origins, character and care of the Bullmastiff. Originating in Great Britain from a crossing of the English Mastiff and English Bulldog breeds, this dog started as a working dog, but has become a companion animal for families all over the world. Despite their large size, this big dog breed is a gentle giant and is a loving and faithful companion to all kinds of families. We do need to keep their size in mind when thinking about how to care for the Bullmastiff, especially if we want to maintain their good health. Keep watching to find out more about the Bullmastiff and check out the original article for even more information ➑️

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[Music] The bull mastiff dog breed was developed By crossing the English bulldog with an English Mastiff as a result a strong Muscular and Noble dog was born are you Interested in knowing more in this new Analyzed video we tell you everything You need to know [Music] The history of the Bullmastiff begins in Britain at the end of the 19th century At this time Rangers used Bulldog or mastiff dogs to Protect themselves from poachers and Other criminals however they wanted to Develop a more effective dog with Specific attributes for the purpose from Crossing these two dogs a stealthy and Strong breed with an excellent nose was Born in fact their mere presence was Enough to keep criminals at bay its Popularity spread and became commonplace On farms and estates across Britain the Bull mastiff is a large and imposing dog With a wide square head and a powerful Symmetrical body males usually measure Between 64 and 69 centimeters at the Withers and reach a weight has around 50 To 59 kilos females are slightly smaller With the size between 61 and 66 Centimeters at the withers and weigh in Between 41 and 50 kilos they display a Short coat which is hard and smooth to The touch and compact to the body the

Color is usually red phone or brindle They also have a characteristic black Mask on the face A lowly bull massive has been developed For generations as a guard dog and Defense dog they are actually a very Affectionate and faithful animal when Properly socialized they will be patient Tolerant and friendly with all kinds of People dogs and other animals although Their size can be a lot to handle in Their puppy stages we can see a cheerful Fun and playful dog when they age their Temper relaxes and they become a cam and Kind individual in any case we also talk About a very protective dog with their Family so we should never encourage Aggressive behavior towards strangers [Music] Bull mastiff education should begin Promptly when they’re still a puppy they Must remain with their mother until Approximately two and a half months they Then should socialize with other dogs People environments and animals it is Essential to offer a very positive Experiences for this we can go to puppy Classes once they’ve been vaccinated They can go out to the street where you Teach them to walk urinate outdoors and Interact with others an important aspect Is to practice basic obedience commands The fundamental for good communication Between dog and human but also for the

Safety of both it may be advisable to go To a dog training center which works Positively And Bullmastiff is considered a Potentially dangerous dog breed in Certain countries such as Spain so it’s Important to procure the relative License and appropriate civil liability Insurance the bull mastiff will need Between two and four daily walks Depending on its age and needs moderate Sessions of physical exercise or games Need to be included we also need to Offer a quality diet and due to their Sensitive skin we need to guarantee a Comfortable padded and wide bed so they Can rest their coat does not demand too Much care it’s enough to perform weekly Brushing with a rubber brush and a bath Every two to three months depending on How dirty they get finally we must never Forget these dogs will greatly enjoy Exercise and mental stimulation with Toys although they need to be adapted to Their size bull masters frequently Develop hip dysplasia and entropion Effect in the eyes less often they may Experience ataxia water syndrome elbow Dysplasia or retinal dysplasia this is Why frequent veterinary checkups every 6 To 12 months are recommended a proper Vaccination schedule and both internal And external deworming are also needed With all of this their life expectancy

Should be around 8 to 10 years what do You like about this breed yugioh top the Bull mastiff leave us your comments and Don’t forget to Like and subscribe to Keep up to date with everything we share See you next time [Music] You

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