Can a cat defend its owner?

Did you know that cats can also defend their owners? Although cats instinctively look for safety and run away
from threat, cats do love their owners. There are in fact several proven cases of cats defending their owners. If you want to learn more about felines and their personalities, take a look at this AnimalWised video to find out more about whether a cat can defend their owner !

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The strong reputation dogs hold as a Main prominent protector is undeniable If looking for protection a person is More likely to adopt a dog than a cat However we must not forget that cats too Are able to establish a very special Bond with their owner as well as protect Them from any harm many people doubt the Fact that cats have the ability to Protect but past events prove otherwise So does this mean that they can defend Their owners in dangerous situations in This animal wise video we will be Answering that exact question so stay Tuned many people find it hard to Believe that a cat can defend its owner Perhaps this is because of its Predilection for a home life its small Size or its independent behavior but the Truth is that this perception is Somewhat skewed by myth we therefore aim To present some evidence to defend that A cat might have a capability to protect The first thing we need to stop doing is Comparing cats to dogs these animals are So different in fact comparing them Makes no sense The concept that a cat is a less Protective than a dog is a generalized Idea and therefore not necessarily true To each feline it is also important to Understand that cats have a strong Survival instinct which is why they Avoid exposing themselves to any risky

Situation that could threaten their Well-being they enjoy their home routine Remaining healthy and staying safe they Instinctively look for safe environments Free of threats and with food that is Always available so can cats defend Their owners unfortunately we cannot Give you a straight yes or no answer the Reason for this is that there are still No conclusive studies that show that all Cats defend and protect their owners Some pets are able to defend their Guardians when they are in danger However the causes that motivate this Behavior is not always entirely clear Cat may do this for example simply as a Defense mechanism or because they are Being subjected to a stressful situation They have been cases of cats protecting Their owners therefore neither is it Impossible boys cats do not have the Same protective instinct as a dog Although as we say this does not mean That they do not love their owners in Addition as we mentioned before cats Will instinctively avoid threats and not For safety and your cat has he or she Ever protected you If yes share your story in our comment Section below if you enjoyed this video Do not forget to give us a like and Subscribe to our animal wise channel Thank you until next time [Music]

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