Can a DOG have MORE than one OWNER? ๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ‘ซ๐Ÿป Find out!

๐Ÿถ Do you wonder if a dog can have more than one owner? If your dog lives with several guardians in the same home and you want to know if they can have more than one favorite caregiver or wonder if they can have two legal guardians, you are in the right place. In this AnimalWised video we explain if a dog can have two owners or two favorite people.


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[Music] Although many dogs are best suited to Large families this can lead to some Confusion over dog ownership Some want to know can a dog have more Than one owner especially when their Legal guardianship is in question Animalwise explains the answer [Music] Do dogs choose a favorite person Dogs are programmed to love people we Are their main reference and they Associate us with positive feelings Logically feeding them caring for them Taking them for a walk or playing with Them makes them love us Although their survival depends on us They want to bond with us beyond Material considerations Anyone in a dog’s family who treats them With respect offers true affection and Establishes a solid bond with them will Be the person they want to spend time With and from whom they seek the most Attention although there may be a busy Household there may be only one who Feeds them brushes them and takes them For walks In this case it’s understandable why They will become the dog’s favorite Person and main reference point this Doesn’t mean they won’t also obey and Spend time with others Find out if you’re your dog’s favorite

Person in the first info video Dogs can have more than one favorite Person if several take care of them to The same extent even if they do Different activities With each one they will establish a Different relationship on the other hand Some breeds are known to forge Attachment with a single caregiver in Those cases they may not obey anyone but Them examples are the eurasia or the Chow chow [Music] Who is the legal owner of a dog Regardless of who the dog’s favorite Caretaker is or even who they live with The person whose name is on their Microchip is considered the owner of a Dog the microchip is a device the size Of a grain of rice that the vet inserts Under the dog’s skin There is a number that is unique to Their data and that of the caregiver If the dog were lost a device is passed Over the microchip and the information Is relayed to the veterinarian or Professional who found them Despite many regions requiring Microchips by law not all found dogs Will have one in these cases the owner Of the dog will need to prove their Ownership via some other methods such as Providing their registration card Can the chip of a dog be put in the name

Of two people A microchip number is associated with a Single dog and a single adult caretaker Therefore there cannot be a chip in the Name of more than one person This means that when answering for the Dog only one person is considered Responsible and the ultimate owner If the dog is owned by a collective such As a rescue center they will be Registered under the company the fact That a single person is considered the Legal owner of a dog can be a problem in Certain situations For example when a couple who share a Dog separate the couple may argue over Ownership something which may lead to Court In these situations a judge might decide That the dog remained with a different Person than the one on the microchip Discover other curiosities about the Behavior of dogs in the playlist we Share here Tell us if you share your dog with Anyone by leaving a comment and we’ll See you next time [Music]

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