Can CATS DREAM? 😺💤 What Do They Dream About?

If you live with a cat, it is likely that you have wondered if your furry is capable of dreams and nightmares while sleeping, just as humans do. In this AnimalWised video we reveal what we currently know about sleep in cats. Do not miss it!


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Did you know that cats sleep between 14 And 16 hours a day They spend so many hours sleeping you Probably have wondered whether they can Dream or even have nightmares Especially if you see them making sounds Or movements when asleep We reveal all in this animal-wise video When do category when a cat lies down to Rest they often fall into a light sleep For a half hour or so After this period if they don’t wake They will enter deep sleep which only Lasts about six or seven minutes After this period there’s a lighter Sleep phase that takes about 30 minutes If cats dream they’ll do so in the deep Sleep phase known as ram or rapid eye Movement In this state the cat’s body relaxes Completely we can see this when they are Curled up in a ball or completely Stretched out In these moments there are some signs That appear which makes us believe they Do actually dream [Music] How do we know a cat is dreaming if you Observe your cat move their ears Paws or tails a little when they are Sleeping it’s possible they are dreaming You may also see the muscles of their Mouth are active as they make sucking Movements or vocalizations such as

Pairing or other sounds Another characteristic of dreaming is The rapid eye movement itself Which we can see under closed or half Closed eyelids even though the rest of The body is not moving If you see your kitten making any of These movements while sleeping You should know not to worry as it is Completely normal all cats will do it to A greater or lesser extent If you want to ensure your cat rests Well it’s important you offer them a Comfortable warm and sheltered place to Sleep This is important especially when Several cats or animals of different Species coexist in the same home What do cats dream of both the Possibility of felines dreaming or Having nightmares seem possible According to scientific studies on brain Function What they dream specifically is more Subject to interpretation Unfortunately it’s impossible to answer This question due to the limits of human And cat communication If they dream something it will likely Not be the same as the dreams humans Experience Do cats have nightmares currently it’s Impossible to know if felines have Nightmares or any other type of dream

Sometimes we see our cat wakes up scared And we tend to believe that it may be Due to a nightmare However this can happen for something as Simple as having perceived a sudden Sound that we have not heard Especially since cats have a hearing Capacity far superior to that of human Beings If you want to continue learning fun Facts about cats don’t miss the video That we share here In which we explain why your cat sleeps On top of you Does your cat make any interesting Sounds or movements while sleeping Tell us in the comments if so and we’ll See you next time [Music]

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