Can CATS EAT STRAWBERRIES? ๐Ÿฑ๐Ÿ“ Are Strawberries Good for Cats?

๐Ÿˆ Many guardians wonder if cats can eat strawberries or if the consumption of this food is dangerous for feline health. For this reason, in this AnimalWised video we tell you if strawberries can be a beneficial food for our cat. In addition, we show you the precautions that we must take if we decide to incorporate fruit such as strawberries in the diet of our kittens. Pay attention and take note!


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[Music] Even if our cat wants to eat Strawberries it doesn’t necessarily mean They are good for them find out more With animal wise as we ask can cats eat Strawberries [Music] Are strawberries good for cats Strawberries are not on the list of Toxic foods for cats so they can be Ingested by felines without harming them This is not the same as saying they are Good for cats cats are not nutritionally Adapted to eating foods rich in Carbohydrates such as strawberries Felines are strict carnivores like their Ancestors and their wild cat cousins Obtaining all their micro and macro Nutrients from animal prey In domestic cats prey is replaced with Dry or wet food based on animal protein With strawberries being very different Nutritionally speaking It is also worth mentioning that cats do Not have the ability to taste sweet Flavors strawberries as well as other Sweet foods including other fruits are Not usually one of their favorite foods Find out more about the nutritional Needs of a cat in the first info video We share above [Music] Benefits of strawberries for cats Strawberries are fruit which can provide

Some benefits to cats thanks to their Nutritional properties to begin with They contain a lot of water Since cats tend not to drink a lot of Water and get some hydration from food It can help them avoid dehydration and Help with organ function The rest of the benefits are provided by The amount of vitamins and minerals Contained in strawberries Among these main nutrients we can find Vitamin c magnesium copper tannins Lecithin pectin flavonoids vitamin b9 Potassium and manganese of these Nutrients it’s worth highlighting the Relatively large amount of vitamin c and Potassium that strawberries contain both Of which are important for reducing Blood pressure Another benefit of strawberries is they Reduce the risk of developing vision Problems related to aging and protect Against oxidative damage due to their Antioxidant content however strawberries Lack protein making it a completely Unnecessary food for cats because they Can’t take full advantage of its Nutritional benefits Are you enjoying this video remember That you can help the channel continue To grow with a super thanks Hard to give strawberries to my cat Despite knowing that strawberries are Not necessary for your cat’s diet you

Still may want to see if they enjoy this Fruit bear in mind you have to do so Slowly and carefully to begin with you Must remove any part of the strawberry That is not the fruit itself meaning the Stem and leaves you then need to wash it To remove any dirt or contaminant Harmful to the cat Chop the fruit into small and appetizing Pieces and put them in your cat’s usual Dish If you see they do not show interest Don’t force or encourage them to eat it Will only stress them out Our next info video shares what fruits Are the best for cats Contra indications and side effects Despite not being a fruit especially Rich in sugar strawberries contain Enough to be harmful to cats in large Amounts Only give your cat sporadic amounts if They enjoy eating strawberries you Should not offer them if they are Overweight diabetic or have had some Cavities although it is less common some Cats can also suffer an allergic Reaction after ingestion manifesting Side effects such as hives respiratory Distress Cough wheezing vomiting and sneezing Other cats can be affected by diarrhea Or loose stools due to its laxative Effect especially if fed too much it is

Also important the leaves do not touch Their eyes or nose as it can cause an Allergic contact reaction due to its Irritating effects If you want to continue learning about Feeding cats don’t miss the playlist we Share here Let us know if your cat enjoys eating Fruit by leaving a comment below and We’ll see you next time [Music]

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