Can CATS Sense a Woman Is PREGNANT? 🀰🏻🐈

🐱 Have you ever wondered can cats tell if a woman is pregnant? While they may not know the details of human pregnancy, AnimalWised shows whether cats can sense if their guardian is pregnant, as well as how they might do it. We also explain why cats purr and knead the belly of pregnant women and we clarify if they are also capable of predicting labor in their guardian.


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Our cats become very close to us and Seemingly sense things about us before We do does this include being pregnant Animal wise finds out How do cats perceive a woman’s pregnancy To know whether a woman is pregnant a Cat needs to use their developed senses Especially their sense of smell Sight hearing and even touch may also be Used to perceive certain signals that The woman is not yet aware of these Signs appear at different times of the Gestation period and mainly consist of The following Chemical changes a woman’s body Undergoes many chemical changes during Pregnancy especially in terms of Hormones Specifically estrogen and progesterone Levels increase Human beings have no way of perceiving These hormonal changes through our own Senses but the Acuity of a cattle Factory ability means they recognize They have altered in this way the cat Can perceive signs of pregnancy before We do Temperature changes the basal Temperature of a pregnant woman is Higher than that of a non-pregnant woman This is because her blood flow increases Considerably and cats can also perceive This small detail Changes in the habits and behavior of

Their Guardian It’s common for our cat to stare at us But you may see them do it more often Cats are very observant and have good Movement perception they study your body Language and notice when you vary your Routine or alter your behavior in any Way discover other reasons why your cat Stares at you in the video we share in The card above What does it mean when a cat purrs or Needs the belly of a pregnant woman Perceiving these signals that something Is happening to their guardian and their Environment the cat can choose to Respond in different ways not all cats Will exhibit the same behavior in this Situation but some behaviors are fairly Common in cats with pregnant people it Is important to note the cat doesn’t Necessarily know you’re pregnant but They can recognize certain biological Changes Due to these changes the cat may decide To spend more time with their Guardian Needing her belly or sleeping on top of Her this may be due to the increase in Temperature we mentioned above Cats have a higher body temperature than Our own and like to rest in warm places So they may seek physical contact with The pregnant woman over someone who is Not as long as the cat is clean and Healthy this can be a lovely bonding

Moment some cats behave very much to the Contrary they may move away and avoid Contact with their Guardian cats are Animals that are very sensitive to Change it’s likely felines that behave In a more Surly or evasive manner are More likely to become stressed or Frightened by the change to the home Dynamic if you’re enjoying this video Remember that a super like can help us To grow our Channel Do cats sense labor in their Guardian Moments before delivery the Aforementioned signs May intensify the Accompanying release of hormones Temperature increase and changes in the Woman’s Behavior may become more evident To the cat they may even respond in a Nervous and altered manner although we Must be clear they are not able to Predict what is going to happen in the Same way that cats sense a woman’s Pregnancy they may sense the onset of Labor without knowing exactly that it’s A birth if you want to continue learning About the behavior of cats don’t miss The playlist We Share here Did your cat change when you became Pregnant let us know your stories by Leaving a comment and we’ll see you next Time for more helpful videos [Music]

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