Can CATS Sense Our EMOTIONS? 🐱❤️ Find out!

🐈 Do you want to know if your cat perceives your mood? In this AnimalWised video we explain what cats perceive in people. Find out if your cat perceives your emotions, if they can tell we are sad or if they are capable o knowing how much we love them.


Do Cats Have FEELINGS? 😸 Do They Have EMOTIONS? 👉
Do Cats LOVE US? 😻 How Can We Know? 👉

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Although many people think of cats as Selfish and overly independent creatures This is not the truth although certainly Less dependent than dogs cats form Strong bonds with their human families Even being able to sense emotions Worries and changes in ourselves Keep watching animal wise to find out More on cats sensing our emotions [Music] Do cats perceive moods Absolutely yes have you noticed how your Cat analyzes you throughout the day They know everything you do at all times And analyze your vibe responding to you In different ways according to different Contexts For this reason our cats can know how we Are and can also be affected by our mood When we think of how cats perceive us it Makes sense We are their main point of reference and Emotional stability so they will change With us They notice when we are sad happy Excited nervous distressed worried angry Or depressed Check the info video for more background On cats and their feelings A study conducted at oakland university In michigan by researchers jennifer vonk And moira galvin stated that our cats Have empathy The study found they were able to

Recognize and perceive human emotions Even doing something about them these Experts in experimental cognitive and Behavioral psychology reach these Conclusions by conducting a series of Tests they carried out these tests on The cats with their caregivers and on These same cats with strangers they were Subjected to gestures of different Emotions first with visual and body Language and then with sound cues When your cat notices that you are sick Or you are crying they usually approach You to give you support Some will do so more than others According to their personality and the Nature of your bond together If you’re happy they will raise their Tails next to you purr and seek your Affection as if infected with your Happiness When you’re angry they tend to separate From you and if you’re stressed it’s Common for them to become stressed in Response Do cats know we love them Cats notice our affection our care our Attention and they know the time we Dedicate to them It’s true that it can be difficult for a Cat to trust and love us but it can be Achieved with perseverance interaction And daily affection It will be easier in young cats those

Without traumatic pasts and in those That have been properly socialized During their first weeks of life lonely Elusive and fearful cats can have a Harder time Find out if your cat loves you in the Video we share above [Music] Do you can’t notice when we are sick Cats don’t detect diseases in themselves But they are capable of perceiving small Changes in the body even if they are Imperceptible to us Such changes may correspond to a health Problem an example is diabetes Alterations in glucose levels can change The scent on our breath something a cat Might pick up In addition they perceive behavioral Changes in their caregivers when the Latter are unwell they can become more Withdrawn weak and sad Cats notice because they can interpret Something is not right they can also Detect changes in temperature like those That occur in people with a fever For these reasons your cat can notice You are sick and their behavior may Adapt to your new condition If you want to learn more about the Behavior of cats check out the playlist We share here Leave a comment with any story about Your cat’s emotional sensitivity and

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