Can Dogs Eat EGGS? – Raw, Cooked or With Shell?

In this new AnimalWised video we take a closer look at a dog’s diet by answering the question ’Can Dogs Eat EGGS? – Raw, Cooked or With Shell?’ 🥚❓Remember, if you want to feed your best friend based on homemade recipes, especially on a daily basis, it is essential you go to the vet to determine the proper approach to cooking for your dog. A specialist will be able to consider the health and nutritional requirements for your individual dog and help to ensure all of their dietary needs are met. Discover more by watching the video. To read some related information, you can also check out the following articles on our site 🍳👉

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[Music] More and more people are beginning to Prepare homemade food for their dogs Whether as a treat or for every meal as A common household ingredient many People might wonder if dogs can eat eggs If they can what are the best ways to Prepare them discover the answers with Animal wised chicken eggs can be good For dogs mainly due to their high Protein content with plenty of macro and Micronutrients they are very nutritious Food stuff they contain essential amino Acids necessary for our dog’s survival These are amino acids which dogs cannot Synthesize on their own eggs also Include healthy fats minerals and Vitamins this is why eggs can be good For dogs since they help to maintain the Central nervous system their memory Centers and they provide antioxidants Beneficial for visual health as an Emulsifier and thickening agent they can Also make food more palatable for dogs Many advocates of the barf diet for dogs A diet utilizing raw food preparation Claim the best way to offer eggs is raw With the shell also included finely Ground they believe this maximizes Mineral supply However uncooked egg white contains a Protein called a burden which acts as an Anti nutrient interfering with the Absorption of biotin vitamin H a lower

Dog can digest raw egg better than we Can that would require a lot of egg to Produce a biotin deficiency it’s still Advisable not to offer raw eggs to the Dog one main reason for this is that raw Egg and its shell can carry salmonella Bacteria to avoid contaminated eggs we Recommend store at a temperature between 7 and 15 degrees Celsius wash the shell Thoroughly before breaking avoid buying Loose broken cracked or dirty eggs and As a precaution shell them in another Container our recommendation is to Eliminate the risk of salmonellosis and Ensure proper nutrient assimilation Choose cooked eggs for dogs by cooking Avidin is denatured making it more Beneficial to the dog’s body and still Providing the aforementioned proteins And fats we can offer eggs as an omelet Scrambled or boiled they can have them Fried but it’s better to avoid oil these Can all be prepared quickly but never Add salt to your dish as it is not Recommended for dogs the dog is a Carnivorous animal therefore its diet Should be based on high quality protein And fats however this does not mean we Should base their diet on egg Consumption but we should offer them a Very diet rich in different foods based On animal protein we can offer meat Boneless fish or even a little kefir Let’s not forget there are many fruits

And vegetables beneficial for dogs we Can use to help supplement the diet in General healthy egg consumption for dogs Is between one and two per week although Will depend on the individual the dog’s Age size breed and health status will Mean they require a certain amount of Type of nutrients if you’re considering Making homemade food for your dog it’s Essential you consult your veterinarian First you advise you in the best way to Prepare food for your particular dog as Well as give general help in terms of Their dietary needs now you know egg can Be beneficial for dogs what precautions You need and how you can prepare them do You have any egg advice to add leave us A comment if so like if you enjoyed the Video and subscribe for more to come We’ll see you next time [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause]

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